Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Firm

Hiring a security firm can help protect your business from theft and crime, but which firm do you hire? When you trust someone else to safeguard your business, it is critical to find the match for the job. There are lots of choices, but not all of them are the right choice. To help you figure out which security company is best for your business, here are some questions to ask before you hire.  

#1: Does the company carry all the proper professional licenses and insurance?

One of the first things that you will want to ask is if the company carries all the proper licensing and insurance. Whether you are considering live, in-person security guards, virtual guards, video surveillance monitoring, or a combination of services, you’ll want to ensure that the company you are working with is professional and carries all licenses and insurance that it should. These may include things like a general business license, security service license, etc. If you are using live guards, they may need additional licensing. Insurance requirements may include things such as general and professional liability. 

#2: Is security the company’s primary business? 

Some companies offer other services and “add-on” security as an additional one. But using a security firm where security is not their number primary business could mean trouble. You may run the risk of working with a company that isn’t as knowledgeable or up-to-speed on current issues and technology related to the industry because they are more of a “jack-of-all-trades” focused on a variety of businesses. And because they are stretched in various directions, they may not be as up to speed on the technology and know-how needed to properly protect your business. When it comes to safeguarding your business from harm, it’s best to stay away from these kinds of companies for security. 

#3: What experience does the company have with businesses like yours?

Even if the company does have experience in security, do they have experience in security for your type of business? When you are looking for a security company, you should look for one that is familiar with your type of business and its unique characteristics and concerns. For example, if you are in the automotive industry, you want a security company with experience protecting vehicles left outdoors, exposed and available for thieves to swipe or steal parts from.  Or if you are in the cannabis industry, you’d want a security company familiar with working with a cash-heavy industry where even the employees may be tempted to take from you. 

#4: How does the company incorporate new technology?

Technology changes rapidly in many industries, and security is no exception. Before you hire a security firm, it’s important to know what kind of technology it uses. Is the company still using antiquated CCTV technology? Or does it feature the latest, state of the art technology such as surveillance equipment with IP hosting and smart device capability

The type of technology matters because improvements in audio, deterrents, etc. equate to improvements in how well your company is protected. In the event that someone does break-in, you want to be sure that every detail possible of the event is captured so that you can hand the evidence over to the proper authorities. Using a company with outdated equipment and a blurry picture is not as helpful as providing a clear visual of the incident.