Having living, breathing guards on-site is more complicated than most people realize. Live security guards can actually present a number of problems when securing your property. Guards require training, equipment and hourly wages. They need to operate in teams to be effective, and they may lose focus during long, uneventful shifts.

However, the advantages of having humans watching over your site cannot be overstated. Pro-Vigil provides the benefits of human surveillance without the struggles of an in-person security guard with our Virtual Security Guards.

Pro-Vigil virtual guards monitor your property via high-quality video footage. With the help of advanced surveillance training, special software and onsite deterrents, virtual guards can monitor and respond to any situation that arises.

Pro-Vigil’s surveillance systems provide dedicated virtual security guards at a significantly lower cost than on-site security guard solutions.

Ready to secure your site?

Pro-Vigil deters intruders 97% of the time without having to dispatch law enforcement.