The marijuana industry is required by law in most states to have video surveillance, but cameras alone do not deter criminals or proactively protect assets. Criminals target the cannabis industry because it is known to be cash-heavy and they have a product in high demand.

To protect your dispensary or grow facility from crime, you need a cannabis security solution that is robust, scalable, and designed to protect your business from all types of theft.

The most common crimes in this industry are:

  • Employee theft

  • Smash and grab robberies

  • Stolen product during delivery

  • Stealing cash

Employee theft is one of the biggest threats the industry faces. In fact, 90% of cannabis industry crime losses can be attributed to employee crime. When employees have access to large amounts of product and cash, theft can be tempting – especially if there are no security cameras or solutions in place to stop them.

Sometimes employee crime can mean pocketing a little bit of product or cash, but it can also be things like selling products at a discount to friends or even giving information to non-employees intent on stealing from you. However, the risk of employee crime could be lowered if your team knew that they were being watched.

Smash and grab robberies are common at cannabis stores and account for some of the remaining 10% of cannabis crimes. This kind of crime is often committed by teens and criminals who may not necessarily have a well-thought-out plan, other than breaking and entering and grabbing whatever they can.

Stolen product during delivery also happen at distribution centers, or as the product is delivered to the stores.

And because your business is cash-heavy, stealing cash from both dispensaries and stores is all too common.  Many banks don’t do business with the industry yet and so cannabis companies often deal in large amounts of cash. Criminals have figured this out, making the industry a prime target.

Full-Service Cannabis Security Solution to Protect Your Business

By law, cannabis facilities are required to have security guards on-site. However, having a guard on site is almost never enough to protect this industry’s assets. Our live video monitoring solution is designed to work with any on-site guards – providing extra protection and security features that guards alone can not offer.  The Pro-Vigil cannabis security solution utilizes virtual guards to watch for any irregular activity and actively deters criminals, without dispatching law enforcement 97% of the time.

Our experienced cannabis security team can help with:

    • Understanding your local security laws and requirements

    • Identifying your most high-value targets – and protecting them

    • Setting up visible and hidden cameras for maximum security

    • Getting access to early detection features like virtual guards

    • Mitigating risk from inside jobs

    • Documenting and storing every event on the property

    • Covering and protecting potential blind spots and obstructions

    • Implementing a scalable cannabis security

If you’re going to have video surveillance, make sure you’re getting a full-service cannabis security solution to fully protect your dispensary.

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