Video Surveillance Monitoring

Video Surveillance Services 

Security cameras are nice to have, but at the end of the day, they can only help solve crimes that have already taken place.

Pro-Vigil pairs high-tech cameras and advanced software with live video monitoring done by a virtual guard to identify – and stop – intrusion as it’s happening. 

Live Video Monitoring. Live Surveillance Monitoring System. 

Video Monitoring Services

Pro-Vigil’s philosophy is simple: We’d rather stop a potential crime in progress, than help solve it afterward. Here’s how it works.

  • Intelligent Surveillance Monitoring System. Our security camera monitoring service uses real-time data analytics to identify when something is out of the ordinary, and potentially dangerous.
  • Trained Security Experts. Our advanced live surveillance monitoring technology is backed by trained human personnel. When something seems amiss, they’ll review the situation.
  • Audiovisual Deterrence. If our expert security personnel determine that something suspicious is afoot, they can trigger audiovisual deterrence to warn trespassers away. This deters 97% of intruders.
  • Law Enforcement Dispatch. In the rare case where the audiovisual deterrence isn’t enough, our live video monitoring staff can dispatch law enforcement to the site directly.

This takes place in real time, providing you with constant feedback about what is happening at your property. Your business is protected 24/7 by advanced recognition software and specialized video analytics. 

Our live surveillance monitoring staff can tell the difference between a false positive and a genuine threat, and they will react accordingly. 

Video Security Monitoring to Keep Your Property Safe

A Video Monitoring System That Meets Your Unique Needs

No two businesses or properties are exactly the same, and thus, no two security systems should be exactly the same. A construction site in downtown Miami has different security needs than a farm in Iowa or a power substation in suburban California. 

Pro-Vigil meets all these needs through our powerful, flexible solution.

  • Mobile Solutions. Solar-powered cameras that can easily be mounted on poles or trailers are perfect for large or remote areas that lack access to reliable electricity. 
  • AI Analytics. If your business typically has large amounts of on-foot traffic, machine learning can help identify the difference between suspicious behavior and a customer who’s just browsing.
  • Cloud Operations. Every Pro-Vigil solution is cloud-capable. This means you can check any of your feeds at any time, right from your PC or smartphone. 
  • Automated Alerts. When our system detects something amiss on your property, it can send notifications to your phone in real time. This offers an unprecedented level of transparency into what’s happening at your business.
  • 1,000,000 – Events Processed Daily
  • 18 – Response Time (seconds)
  • 271,600 – Crimes Deterred Annually
  • 8,400 – Police Dispatched Annually
  • 780 – Interventions Annually
  • 144 – Arrests Annually

The Value of Pro-Vigil Video Monitoring Services

Our video security monitoring solution protects your business from crime, interrupted work, and more by detecting and thwarting would-be thieves and vandals.

Even if an intruder isn’t actively malicious, you may be held liable for trespassers who injure themselves on your property – and our audiovisual deterrence system will discourage them from pressing onward.

Pro-Vigil live surveillance monitoring systems act quickly and effectively, keeping your business safe no matter what happens. Our security camera monitoring service leverages technology alongside live surveillance monitored remote human guards to ensure your business is protected. 

Taken as a whole, Pro-Vigil’s video surveillance services will keep your business proactively protected in a way that traditional surveillance cameras and old-fashioned banks of CCTV monitors simply can’t.

Your business needs a surveillance monitoring system that can prevent crimes, not just help clean up after the burglar is long off your property.

See how simple it can be to secure your business