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Live Remote Surveillance Services

Cameras Without Monitoring Only Show Crimes That Have Already Taken Place

Pro-Vigil pairs high-tech cameras and advanced software with live video monitoring done by a virtual guard to identify – and stop – crime as it’s happening.

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Video Monitoring Services

Our cameras and advanced software with live video monitoring identifies crime and uses audiovisual deterrents to stop it. Why just record a crime when you can prevent it?  Here’s how it works.


AI and Machine Learning

Our cameras and technology use real-time data analytics to identify when something is amiss and learns the difference between a cat, car or human who isn’t supposed to be there.

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Trained Security Experts

Our technology is backed by real people. When something seems wrong, they review and escalate the event if necessary.

Audio Visual

Audiovisual Deterrence

If our expert security personnel determine that something suspicious is afoot, they trigger audiovisual deterrence to warn trespassers away. This deters 97% of intruders.


Law Enforcement Dispatch

In the rare case where the audiovisual deterrence isn’t enough, our staff calls in local authorities.

Our analysis takes place in real time, providing constant feedback. We can protect your business 24/7. Our deep learning technology, video categorization and smart search provides personalized and precise alerts about your situation.

Your Business is Unique and Your Security Systems Should Be Too

A construction site in downtown Miami has different security needs than a farm in Iowa or a power substation in suburban California.

Pro-Vigil meets all security needs through our powerful, flexible solution

Pro-Vigil’s Live Remote Video Surveillance Solution

The Industry Leading Data Proven Security Choice

Response Time
Crimes Deterred
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Why Pro-Vigil?


Our active monitoring through mobile and fixed surveillance reduces your risk of being the victim of theft or vandalism.


You’ll find less repairs, less replacements, less waste, and lower premiums when you use our video surveillance as a service.


Spend less time dealing with losses and more time selling and growing your business.

The security from the Pro-Vigil Remote Video Monitoring Solution is unmatched. Best of all, we can bring you new security solutions or replace or integrate with existing solutions you may already have.

Pro-Vigil’s philosophy is simple: We’d rather stop a potential crime in progress, than help solve it afterward. See how simple it can be to implement or improve your commercial security today.