7 Common Self-Storage Security Challenges – And How To Solve Them

The self-storage industry is competitive. With an estimated nine% of U.S. households renting storage, you want your company to get its share of the business.

The self-storage industry is competitive. With an estimated nine percent of U.S. households renting storage, you want your company to get its share of the business. Unfortunately, criminals like self-storage units too. Let’s look at the most common self-storage security challenges and some ways you can solve them.

#1: Low-Quality Footage

At one point, you spent good money on your analog CCTV system. But that was years ago – and technology has changed. The grainy footage captured by analog cameras makes it hard to identify any details of a crime. And if a thief gets away with it once, who’s to stop him from coming back?

Solution:Upgrade to an HD digital video surveillance system. If thieves do hit your business, you have footage to help law enforcement identify and apprehend them quickly.

#2: Unsecured Surveillance Video Data

Video recordings are stored on-site, which is unsecured. They can be tampered with, stolen, or lost. You don’t always know when you’ll have to pull footage from the past, so you need to protect it.

Solution: Modern self-storage security systems record and store data on the cloud. It’s safe, secure, and you can access it from anywhere.

#3: Neglected Surveillance System Health

The video surveillance system you have is aging, and eventually, it may fail. Especially if it isn’t regularly maintained. If it stops functioning, you may not even notice – until there’s an incident and you need the footage. Unfortunately at this point its too late.

Solution: Switch to a newer digital self-storage security system that includes IP health monitoring. With this feature, you’ll receive a warning instantly if your system goes offline.

#4: Reactionary Focus

Your surveillance system doesn’t deter crime, it only shows you footage of what happened. Some systems capture the details, but they don’t monitor for suspicious activity.

Solution: Consider remote video monitoring surveillance that comes with features like recognition software and dedicated virtual guards which respond quickly to potential threats.

#5: Lack Of Deterrents

Crime happens fast – and is often over before the cops arrive. If you don’t have any deterrents in place, again your stuck solving the crime, not preventing it.

Solution: Switch to a self-storage security system that includes deterrent options like strobe lights, sirens, and pre-recorded messages to scare intruders away. These deterrents are triggered when the surveillance system identifies a potential threat.

#6: Inability To Identify A License Plate

The thief entered your facility in a vehicle; however, you can’t make out the license plate number. Low-quality surveillance systems and even some HD ones have difficulty reading all of the numbers and letters on a license plate.

Solution:Choose a self-storage security system that uses license plate recognition software. This eliminates the guesswork and helps law enforcement track down the criminal.

#7: No Backup Power Supply

Weather, unexpected blackouts or another situation can cause your power to fail. And because your surveillance system is tied directly to your power grid, it goes down too and compromises your facility.

Solution: Get a system that comes with a backup power supply so that it keeps working even if everything else is down. Today, there are advanced systems that use built-in solar cells connected to rechargeable batteries.

Choose A Self-Storage Security System That Protects Your Customer’s Valuables

Remember, you aren’t just storing stuff for your customers, you’re protecting it for them. Stand out from the competition by providing your customers with the peace of mind that their property is safe. Consider an advanced security system that includes features like high-quality real-time video monitoring, secured data storage, and measures to prevent crime from happening in the first place at your facility.

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