We Stop Crime with Fixed Surveillance

Permanent Video Surveillance Solutions for Auto Dealers, Self Storage, Commercial Properties, and More

Airtight Fixed Surveillance System

A Permanent Commercial Security Solution

Pro-Vigil fixed solutions deter 97% of intruders before crime happens. This modern system identifies, tracks, and evaluates potential security threats within 18 seconds of an incident. Then our dedicated surveillance team sounds the audiovisual deterrents to scare off any unrecognized personnel, and dispatches the authorities if needed. Have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected by our industry-leading surveillance technology and responsiveness.

Why Pro-Vigil?


Our active monitoring through mobile and fixed surveillance reduces your risk of being the victim of theft or vandalism.


You’ll find less repairs, less replacements, less waste, and lower premiums when you use our video surveillance as a service.


Spend less time dealing with losses and more time selling and growing your business.

Our Video Surveillance as a Service Stops Crime

Events Processed Daily
Response Time (seconds)
Crimes Deterred Annually
Interventions Annually
Police Dispatched Annually
Events Processed Daily
Response Time (seconds)
Crimes Deterred Annually
Police Dispatched Annually
Interventions Annually
Arrests Annually

Beyond Fixed Surveillance: The Technology

Machine Learning

Real Time Video Search

HD Footage Cloud Storage


Secure And Private

Industries Our Fixed Surveillance System Serves

  • Auto Dealers

    Automobiles are high-value merchandise, and are generally kept outdoors, making them an easy target for criminals.

  • Cannabusiness

    Criminals target the cannabis industry because it is cash-heavy and the product is always in high demand.

  • Cell Towers

    Cell towers are numerous and are often located in remote locations - putting them in constant danger from thieves and vandals

  • Apartment Buildings

    Whenever more than one family lives in close proximity to others, the potential for security issues increases.

  • Power Plants

    Our world runs on electricity, but security risks can ruin reliable power - leaving customers in the dark.

  • Recycling Centers

    Illegal dumping poses health hazards by attracting pests or causing exposure to chemicals, requiring costly cleanup efforts.

  • Scrap Yards

    Large, open-air scrap yards are seldom protected by more than chain-link fences; yet they contain valuable materials, which attract thieves.

  • Self Storage

    Criminals can enter a facility legally, by renting a unit themselves, needing just bolt-cutters to enter units.

  • Subdivisions

    While many property owners hire private security professionals to protect their gates, there are a number of drawbacks to doing so.

  • Substations

    Many are located in sparsely populated rural areas, leaving them more susceptible to physical threats.

  • Vacant Properties

    Vacant homes and buildings attract the unwanted attention of many different kinds of criminals.


Fixed Surveillance, Video Surveillance Solutions, Video Surveillance As A Service
  • Phase 1

    Video Surveillance as a Service Agreement Signed

  • Phase 2

    Installation Prep Call

  • Phase 3

    Fixed Surveillance Equipment Installation Complete

  • Phase 4

    Customer Portal Training

  • Phase 5

    Onboarding Complete

Pro-Vigil Stops Crime

Our fixed surveillance installations, paired with state-of-the-art technology, machine learning, and expertly trained remote guards, are the most reliable video surveillance solutions on the market. Pro-Vigil’s video surveillance as a service will keep you, your property, and your assets safe.

We will keep your business safe, reducing loss of product, tools, or wasted time and effort of your employees having to clean up after a vandal or burglar strikes. We minimize your legal liability, letting you focus on your business..

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what satisfied customers say about Pro-Vigil fixed surveillance solutions.

What Our Customers Say

“With our previous camera system we experienced thefts and damage to our lots. We also had insurance claims from slips and falls. With Pro-Vigil, we’ve mitigated those costs and we pull footage instantly without waiting for IT. It’s fantastic!”

Dennis BeckerHead of Security,
Lou Fusz Automotive Network