Is A Virtual Security Guard The Right Choice For Your Business?

A virtual security guard has many benefits, including more oversight - but is this solution right for your business? Here are some tips.
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It’s time to step up the security at your business and you want to know what surveillance features will give you the most benefit for your money.  If a virtual security guard is on your radar, then read on. Today, we’re talking about how a virtual guard can save you time and money while protecting your business.

Virtual Security Guards Are Highly Trained

Unlike live security guards,  virtual guards watch your facility from a distant location.  They are trained to handle threats using advanced technology and virtual security surveillance systems.  Although they are not at the physical location, remote guards are able to scan the entire premises for threats and immediately deter crime 97% of the time, notifying law enforcement the remaining 3% of the time.

Virtual Security Guards Are Proactive

Because virtual guards can deter most crimes, they are a proactive approach to security. When a potential threat is detected, they have immediate access to deterrents such as alarms, strobe lights, and other tools to startle would-be criminals. They can quickly activate these deterrents to protect your business. Not only does this scare away thieves, it saves you the time and trouble of filing a police report.

Using A Virtual Security Guard Saves Money

Remote security guards are less expensive than hiring a live person to patrol your facility. And because they are in an off-site location with other security guards, the risk of them falling asleep or slacking off on the job is reduced. You can have peace of mind knowing that the money you’ve invested in security is providing your business with the protection it needs.

Remote Security Is Comprehensive

Are there blind spots and vulnerable areas at your place of business? These could be missed by live guards and other types of security. A virtual security guard provides comprehensive coverage because your remote guard has access to surveillance video and sophisticated security features that allow them to identify all threats throughout your location at the same time – and quickly put a stop to them.

Virtual Surveillance Could Mean Less Stress

A remote guard may be the best option if you want live monitoring, but don’t have time to train and manage an on-site security guard. With an on-site guard, first, you must find the right one to hire. And you’ll also need to train them. You need someone you can trust – who won’t sleep on the job. Otherwise, you may find yourself losing sleep. Virtual security guards work in an off-site facility along with other guards. So you can have peace of mind knowing they are doing their job.

Reduce Liability Issues

Another benefit to off-site monitoring is that you eliminate the risk of injury to your security guards. If a guard is injured on your premises, there is always the possibility that you will be held liable. Even if you believe you’ve taken every safety measure possible to protect your staff, you never know what reason a personal injury lawyer may come up with to hold you accountable for the injury. And you have no control over the opinions of a judge or jury. Using remote security can help eliminate this risk.

Pro-Vigil’s Virtual Security Surveillance System

Pro-Vigil is a leader in virtual security surveillance systems. A virtual security guard from Pro-Vigil provides the benefit of human surveillance without the challenges of an in-person guard. With high-tech tools and advanced surveillance training, a Pro-Vigil virtual guard can monitor and respond to any situation – at a much lower cost. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual security surveillance system.

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