$100 of stolen copper can cause

$5,000 Worth of Damage

to recycling centers or scrap yards

Pro-Vigil Deters Crime 97% of the Time

Overcoming Security Challenges at Recycling Centers & Scrap Yards

Thieves and vandals target recycling centers and scrap yards to steal valuable assets. Often the damage is equal to or greater
than the loss of materials, costing your business in more than one way. Video surveillance monitoring will deter them.

Remote Facilities

Often set apart from main stream businesses and residential areas, scrap yards, loading docks, and drop off centers attract criminals. We scare them away with audio and visual deterrents.

Low / No Lighting

Dimly lit facilities have restricted visibility for the human eye. Our advanced technology paired with any HD camera provides clear documentation of all incidents.

Outdoor Assets & Equipment

If it’s outside, it’s a target - especially at night. Criminals frequent outdoor facilities where it is easier to steal valuable equipment and assets without being detected.

Video surveillance monitoring provides protection at all hours, and against all threats.

Combatting Metal Theft

Scrap sellers and scrap purchasers must be aware of criminal intentions.

Metal theft in U.S. averages $1 billion
every year


50 states have passed laws to combat the increase in metal theft

Increased Theft from Recycling Centers & Scrap Yards

Protect your facility from scavenging of materials.


Metal Theft

averages $1 billion every year in the U.S.