Agricultural Crime is

$5 Billion YEARLY

58% of Farmers and Ranchers Experience Crime

Don’t let your ranch be another statistic. Protect your property with Remote Video Monitoring.

Studies show that farm and ranch owners experience more crime in rural areas than is commonly thought. Over half of farmers and ranchers experience crime.

Top 5 Crimes Against Farms and Ranches

Larger properties come with challenges such as expanded perimeter lines, extra access points and costly commodities.

Illegal Dumping

Pro-Vigil Deters Crime 97% of the Time

Overcoming Agricultural Security Challenges

Thieves and vandals target rural sites because they are difficult to monitor. We deter them with lights and sound, and install cameras on poles or trailers.

big property

Remote Facilities

Often set apart from main stream businesses and residential areas, farms and ranches attract criminals. We scare them away with audio and visual deterrents.


Low / No Lighting

Dimly lit rural areas have restricted visibility for the human eye. Our advanced technology paired with any HD camera provides clear documentation.

heavy construction

Outdoor Assets & Equipment

If it’s outside, it’s a target - especially at night. Criminals frequent rural areas where it is easier to steal valuable equipment and assets without being detected.

Video surveillance monitoring provides protection at all hours and against all threats.

A Crime of Opportunity

An unlocked gate is an opportunity for crime. The more remote part of a rural property, the more interesting it is for criminals. When no one is around to monitor activity, crime thrives.

5 Most Stolen Items from Farms and Ranches

Although livestock and crop theft are the costliest on an individual and large-scale basis, machinery and equipment loss can be business ending in replacement cost, year end profit and work-time loss. Protect hard work, investment and your future from crime with remote video monitoring.

Large Machinery

Livestock & Animals


Crops & Produce

Pesticides & Herbicides

Guard Your Land with Agricultural Security

Use Pro-Vigil’s Agricultural Security Solution for Site Monitoring & Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s Mobile Surveillance Solution for Agricultural Security protects not only your revenue, but your key role in the food chain. We provide a practical system for areas without electricity or wi-fi by using cloud and cellular technology.

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Machine Learning Video Analysis

Identify, evaluate, and escalate threats automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor security video continuously to prevent theft before it occurs 97% of the time

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Protect land of any size with audible and visual deterrents - on new or existing equipment

Add remote video monitoring surveillance and protect your operations

Land Security Means Low-lit, Non-electrical Blind Spots are Covered

We understand your unique security challenges and needs. Our AI analytics can tell the difference between a tree blowing in the wind, a cat, goat or cow walking into frame, or a trespasser on your land. 

Our solution can even help locate animals that have gotten out of their pens and identify predators stalking livestock. False alarms are time-consuming for you and your farm hands. We secure your work and investment without you being physically present.

Pro-Vigil’s Remote Surveillance

Our permanent, mobile and remote video monitoring offers solution choices for a variety of properties that fills in any security gap. Benefits from using a Pro-Vigil solution include:


AI Video Surveillance

Determine threat level with advanced software and notify authorities if necessary


Audio Deterrent Services

Notify intruders with a loud voice warning that they have been spotted and authorities will be contacted


Camera Health Monitoring

Automatically detects equipment issues, conducts trend analysis, fixes issues where possible, and alerts people when needed


Dedicated Mobile App

Access remote video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming, and live feeds


Smart Search Capabilities

View footage quickly based on search terms or keywords

cloud 3

Cloud Based Surveillance

Provide secure access to data and minimize storage limitations


Visual Deterrents

Deploy bright, flashing lights to alarm intruders that they have been spotted

connection dark

Machine Learning

Strengthen the accuracy of your security solution with smart video analysis

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Virtual Guards

Leverage remote personnel to review triggers from AI findings

The Speed of Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring relies on AI video surveillance and machine learning video analysis to detect, deter, and dispatch in unmatched speed.



Remote surveillance flags unusual and unwanted activity with machine learning video analysis



Both audio and visual deterrents are activated after a virtual guard verifies the threat