Logistics and Freight Companies Lose Roughly

$30 Billion Per Year

In The United States (According To The FBI)

Annual Losses From Cargo Theft Alone

In The United States

$ 0 M
In Losses


$ 0 M
In Losses


$ 0 M
In Losses


$ 0 M
In Losses


$ 0 M
In Losses


$ 0 M
In Losses


Combatting Cargo Theft

Logistic and freight companies must stay aware of criminal intentions.

Distribution warehouses are a top target for professional thieves.

Theft increased 42% year-over-year since the pandemic began.

There are over 60 instances of theft on average per month.

Every heist costs companies $150K to $1M on average.

Increased Theft at Shipping Warehouses

The most popular items thieves stole in 2020 were:

Clothing & Shoes






Video surveillance monitoring detects thieves within seconds, keeping them away from warehouses and valuable cargo when they aren’t supposed to be there.

Remote Video Monitoring

Protect your property after hours without sacrificing customer experience

Get swift 911 dispatch without triggering false alarms

Scare away trespassers before crime happens, with audio and visual deterrents

Video Monitoring Neutralizes Risk

Pro-Vigil Deters Crime 97% of the Time

Overcoming Security Challenges for Logistics and Freight Companies

Audiovisual deterrents trigger within 24 seconds to scare intruders away.

Cloud video surveillance-01

Cloud surveillance lets you monitor your camera feeds from anywhere.

Virtual guards_Virtual guards

Virtual security guards provide flexible 24/7 protection.


Ensures your cameras stay online when you need them most.

jan Icon_Lights

Dimly lit facilities paired with any thermal cameras provides clear documentation.

Agricultural Crime _machinery

If it’s outside, it’s a target – especially during the night. 

Icon 2022_911 police dispatch

We scare criminals away with audio and visual deterrents.

machine and Human-01_ machine and human-01

Automatically tags and sorts footage, making it easy to pull clips afterwards.

The A-B-C's of Security

Enhance Your Physical Security with this Fully Comprehensive, 3-Step Checklist

Video Surveillance Substation Security Checklist

You Worked Hard Building Your Business

Pro-Vigil Fights Hard to Protect it from Vandalism, Intruders, Crime, and Theft

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  • Proactive Deterrence

    Audio and Visual deterrence repels 97% of intruders before they ever commit a crime.

  • Swift 911 Dispatch

    When audio and visual tools aren’t enough, we quickly contact and dispatch law enforcement to catch the bad guys.

  • Airtight Security

    Through a combination of AI and remote video monitoring, we protect your business with a simple, cohesive security solution.

Unmatched Effectiveness

Pro-Vigil provides the most advanced remote video monitoring services in the industry. We proactively stop most crime, and are quick to contact law enforcement when necessary. Across the last 12 months, our system continually performs for customers.

Crimes Deterred

Why Choose Pro-Vigil


We deter crime in as little as 24 seconds! That’s faster than the speed of crime.


With benefits beyond security, you’ll have the most effective solution money can buy.

Most Reliable

We deter 97% of intruders before a crime is committed, and arrest the remaining 3%.

CASE STUDY: Freight and Logistics

Freight Terminal

"Before we brought in Pro-Vigil, we faced all kinds of theft, and they had one thing in common: they'd cut through our fence,"

"The petty crooks would grab what they could on-site and slip out through those holes—they’d take ladders, tools, hell, anything not bolted down. The more organized crews, though, empty it out down the road, even draining the diesel from the tank!"

The Speed of Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring relies on AI video surveillance and machine learning video analysis to detect, deter, and dispatch in unmatched speed.



Remote surveillance flags unusual and unwanted activity with machine learning video analysis



Both audio and visual deterrents are activated after a virtual guard verifies the threat



When needed, 911 authorities are dispatched by your virtual guard

In less than two minutes remote video monitoring can help to identify a threat, verify it, and notify proper authorities if necessary. Choose video surveillance monitoring as complement to your security solution.

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See how simple it can be to secure your business through remote video monitoring.