Theft poses a serious threat to car dealerships. Automobiles are high-value merchandise, and are generally kept outdoors, making them an easy target for criminals. In fact, the FBI estimates nearly $6 billion worth of vehicles are stolen each year and the average loss is $8,407. Without the right kind of auto dealership security plan in place, your dealership could be next.

The Challenge Dealerships Face

One of the biggest challenges in car dealership security is providing easy access to potential customers while protecting the business from crime. Nearly half of all car buyers are walk-in, so you don’t want your security system to make it difficult for them to shop.  On the contrary, it should be hard for a criminal to steal from you.

 So how do you keep thieves out while encouraging customers to come in? After all, any potential walk-in could be one or the other.

Theft of Vehicles and Parts is On the Rise

The auto industry is a $926 billion industry that continues to grow. But along with its increase in revenues comes the risk of increased crime. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureaus (NICB), theft of vehicles rose by more than four percent in 2017.

While live security guards may have worked in the past, today’s criminals are savvy. They will study the patterns of employees and security guards to plan the best time for a crime. They know as well as you do that your staff cannot possibly cover all of your dealership all of the time.

So what about gates? Sure these can serve as a deterrent for vehicle theft, but not all dealership theft involves stealing an entire vehicle. Many thieves today are also looking for valuable parts.

Car parts have become a lucrative market and, if the right auto dealership security measures are not in place, can easily be stolen from your car lot.

To protect your automobile dealership from theft, video surveillance with intelligent live monitoring is one of the best car dealership security measures you can put in place.

Video Surveillance for Auto Dealership Security

Video surveillance addresses many challenges in car dealership security. It allows you to monitor your potential customers as they walk your dealership lot and it can help you identify any potential threats.  With video surveillance, you can monitor your business from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. So even when you are away, you can keep a watchful eye on your assets.

With features such as a virtual security guard, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dealership is being watched when your business is most vulnerable. And in the event there is a theft, you’ll have the video footage to turn over to the authorities which could help their investigations.

Pro-Vigil: The Undisputed Leader in the Car Dealership Security Space

Pro-Vigil’s surveillance solution does more than simply record what is happening throughout your auto dealership; we actively protect your property, giving you a direct view of what’s happening at the click of a button. By installing the Pro-Vigil auto dealership security solution, or by adapting an existing system with Pro-Vigil remote video monitoring, we can help you get the reassurance you deserve.

We stop 97% of all instances before they even happen. Contact us to learn more about our security solutions.

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