Self storage customers want to know their belongings are secure; but to do so, facilities need to offer more than just a gate and a padlock. Criminals can enter a facility legally, by renting a unit themselves, needing just bolt-cutters to enter units.

By providing a complete, unblinking view of your entire self storage facility, Pro-Vigil’s self-storage security surveillance systems provide a level of protection that just isn’t possible with gates and padlocks alone.

Using advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence, Pro-Vigil self-storage security camera systems are designed to automatically identify, evaluate and address potential threats before they cause damage.

Pro-Vigil’s video feeds are monitored at all times. In addition to having the ability to track suspicious objects, they come equipped with audible and visual deterrents.

Ready to secure your storage facility?

Pro-Vigil deters intruders 97% of the time without having to dispatch law enforcement.