11.2% of All Crime

Takes Place in a Parking Lot

Pro-Vigil Deters Crime 97% of the Time

Criminal behavior spikes when there are few people and a high volume of things to steal or vandalize, like cars in your lot. Protecting your facility and your customer’s vehicle stored there will impact your business today and tomorrow.

Long term parking facilities, including more than 15,000 airports, are vulnerable to thieves and vandals.

Internal Theft

Fewer resources to protect patron vehicles means thieves can quickly access valuables inside

It Impacts You

Assisting your customers with a well protected lot will protect your reputation and repeat usage


U.S. vandalism,
including damage at
and to businesses, is
up to $15B a year

It Impacts You

Destroying property with graffiti, scratches, dents, and broken windows is costly for you and your customers

Stolen Parts

Long term parking lots are a convenient target, skyrocketing vehicle parts on the black market

It Impacts You

Stolen parts are more easily obtained with an abundance of vehicles to choose from in one place

Protect Your Patrons, Protect Your Business

Your customers rely on your facility to look after their vehicles while they are away. Don’t let them down. Your long term parking business can’t afford to lose them to a bad experience.

Reports of car thefts jumped as high as 53% in 2020

82% of U.S. customers stopped doing business because of a poor customer experience

Remote Video Monitoring

Protect your property after hours without sacrificing customer experience

Get swift 911 dispatch without triggering false alarms

Scare away trespassers before crime happens, with audio and visual deterrents

Video Monitoring Neutralizes Risk

Managed Surveillance Solutions Offer Peace-of-Mind

It takes more than security cameras – thorough video surveillance monitoring will stop thieves from driving away with your customer’s vehicles and your business security.

Video Surveillance Systems Are Not All Equal

Perimeter security can help to secure long term parking facilities but it isn’t enough to assure that your property and that of your customers are protected. A full suite of security cameras and remote video monitoring are part of a comprehensive solution which will cover your entire lot.

Deterring the Most Likely Offenders

In the United States reported stolen cars are higher than any other country in the world. Don’t let your customers lose their car from your facility. 

Security & Remote Surveillance

for Long Term Parking Lots and Garages

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Machine Learning Video Analysis

Identify, evaluate, and escalate threats automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor security video continuously to prevent theft before it occurs 97% of the time

Audio & Visual Deterrents

Equip parking facilities with audible and visual deterrents - on new or existing equipment

Include video monitoring services in your parking facility’s security solution to deter theft and vandalism. 

Pro-Vigil’s Remote Surveillance

Our permanent, mobile and remote video monitoring offers solution choices for parking lots and garages that fills in any security gap. Benefits from using a Pro-Vigil solution include:


AI Video Surveillance

Determine threat level with advanced software and notify authorities if necessary


Audio Deterrent Services

Notify intruders with a loud voice warning that they have been spotted and authorities will be contacted


Camera Health Monitoring

Automatically detects equipment issues, conducts trend analysis, fixes issues where possible, and alerts people when needed


Dedicated Mobile App

Access remote video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming, and live feeds


Smart Search Capabilities

View footage quickly based on search terms or keywords

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Cloud Based Surveillance

Provide secure access to data and minimize storage limitations


Visual Deterrents

Deploy bright, flashing lights to alarm intruders that they have been spotted

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Machine Learning

Strengthen the accuracy of your security solution with smart video analysis

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Virtual Guards

Leverage remote personnel to review triggers from AI findings

The Speed of Remote Surveillance

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring relies on AI video surveillance and machine learning video analysis to detect, deter, and dispatch in unmatched speed.



Remote surveillance flags unusual and unwanted activity with machine learning video analysis



Both audio and visual deterrents are activated after a virtual guard verifies the threat