Video Analytics

Intelligent Security Video Analytics

In the world of security, video analytics technology turns video surveillance into more than just recorded data. Through top-end video analytics, surveillance systems can give you new insights about your security video footage. Through intelligent video analysis software, you can understand what is happening on your property in ways that were impossible back in the era of “dumb” security cameras.

Pro-Vigil’s security video analytics software refines your video content, narrowing hours of footage down to specific events with the click of a button. No longer do you need to watch an entire day’s footage — if not more — to find when a break-in occurred. You can let our intelligent video analysis do the hard part for you.

Our advanced video search options let users pull up the information they need based on the system’s search parameters. Specifics (such as objects in frame, color of objects, and time) can be used to quickly find the video clips you’re looking for. With our security video analytics, surveillance systems can be smarter, more effective, and more efficient than they’ve ever been before.

Make sure your surveillance system is an intelligent one. Contact Pro-Vigil today to see how our security video analytics can change the way you protect your business.

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