Don’t Just Watch Your Feed. Analyze It.

Security Cameras with Behavioral Analytics Customizable Dashboards Object Tracking Loitering Detection People Counting Crowd Detection Tamper Detection Motion Detection Auto-Tracking Security Analytics

Make Your Security “Smart”

With Pro-Vigil’s Video Analysis Software

  • Object Tracking

  • Loitering Detection

  • People Counting

  • Crowd Detection

  • Tamper Detection

  • Motion Detection

  • Auto-Tracking

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • Security Analytics

In the world of security, video analytics turns surveillance into more than just recorded data. These top-end video analytics can provide valuable insight on your property – like consumer behaviors, people counting, and daily scorecards – just to name a few.

Benefits of Security Video Analytics

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    Understand everything that happens on-site

  • Convenient

    Catalog, file and search footage for colors, objects and more

  • Precise

    Zero in on the exact moment when incidents occurred

  • Accurate

    Minimize false positives to catch crooks, not stray cats

Your Time Matters. Our Analytics Software Saves It.

Pull the information needed based on the system’s search parameters. Our security analytics can quickly sort through and identify video clips based on data like:

  • Objects in Frame

  • Color of Objects

  • Time of Recording

Pro-Vigil Uses “Smart” Security to Protect Your Business

Behavioral Analytics Solve Problems Beyond Crime

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our customers used our security analytics software to identify places on their property where social distancing was difficult for their workers.

Our intelligent security analytics don’t just help you fight crime. They help you identify problems, bottlenecks, unsafe workplace conduct and more.

Security Video Analytics Makes Systems Effective & Efficient

Through intelligent video analysis software, you can understand what is happening on your property in ways that were impossible back in the era of “dumb” security cameras.

How can AI-powered analytics software protect your business and the people inside it?

  • Detect and Deter Crime

  • Monitor Workplace Compliance

  • Detect and Mitigate Health Risks

Make sure your surveillance system is an intelligent one. Contact Pro-Vigil today to see how our security video analytics can change the way you protect your business.