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Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics to Help Better Serve Your Business's Needs

Technological innovations are rapidly changing the world around us. Whereas no one was walking around with a cell phone 50 years ago, we now balk at the seemingly ancient brick cell phones used just 10 years ago — and this is just one measure of how quickly the times are changing.

Video surveillance has become a necessity and standard of security for all kinds of businesses around the world. But smart, tech-savvy businesses are now taking it to the next level with video analytics. Keep reading to learn more about video analytics, as well as why you need it for your business.

What is Video Analytics?

Similar to the way the human brain controls the entire body, a video analytics system is the hub of tracking, measuring, and analyzing the video coming through your surveillance system. Video analytics uses algorithms and AI software to increase security and ramp up the way you make use of the video you’re capturing. The system has dozens of functionalities including smoke detection, motion detection, facial recognition, and much more.

Who Needs Video Analytics?

Whether you’re a large company or small business, the sheer amount of video you’re recording is likely to be far too overwhelming for you to take full advantage of. Any type of business can take advantage of intelligent video analytics. The system has a vast array of features to maximize your security efforts while reducing costs and streamlining processes. Here are just a few of the many industries benefiting from video analytics.


Surveillance is a must at any hotel, but video analytics can fill in the gaps where the surveillance may not be enough. Advanced data reports allow hotel managers to spot suspicious activity or quickly locate unattended luggage.

Sporting Arenas

Any place with large crowds can be a target for criminal activity and violence. Major sporting arenas can stop suspicious persons before they do any harm with the help of facial recognition and tampering detection.

Law Enforcement

Our real-time alert system can be a huge help to overburdened law enforcement teams. Video analytics can track footage and scan for dangerous activity, then send an instant alert to notify authorities.


With so many patients and visitors in and out of hospitals, it can be an overwhelming task for security teams to monitor security screens. Healthcare organizations can take out the guesswork by pairing their current efforts with video analytics.

Research Labs

When studies are being conducted over time, researchers will do anything to protect precious data. Research labs can use video analytics to track locations and detect smoke or fire before it destroys lab specimens.

Benefits of Video Analytics

You’re probably already identified numerous ways video analytics can help your business. Read on for 5 more benefits you’ll enjoy when you add intelligent analytics to your security measures.

1. Cut Down on Surveillance Time

Don’t waste any more of your money hiring a security guard to monitor screens — video analytics does all the work for you by learning when to send you important alerts, and when to ignore undangerous activity.

2. Lower Cost of Security Budget

Because you won’t spend as much time monitoring video or reviewing the tape, you’ll be able to cut down on security costs for your business.

3. Real-Time Alerts

There are no delays with video analytics. Get immediate notification when anything is out of place at your business.

4. More Accurate Alerts

Not only will you receive real-time alerts, but they’ll also be more accurate than if you had a stand-alone surveillance system.

5. In-Depth Data Analysis

Our pattern-based algorithms are smart enough to keep you protected without requiring hours of spreadsheets and reviewing video. The self-learning system will provide in-depth reports to help you optimize your security efforts and other business processes.

How It Works

Intelligent video analytics utilizes quality footage and images to increase the safety of your employees and customers. Features like teach-by-example enable the system to increase the accuracy of alerts and detection. The power of object recognition and dynamic masking will increase safety as well as privacy, depending on your needs.

Try It Today

If you’re ready to optimize the security measures at your company, try Pro-Vigil and get a free site security quote today. Our intelligent video analytics consistently wows our clients and can be incorporated seamlessly with your current security setup. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you. We’ll give you a free quote and answer any questions you might have about adding video analytics to your existing security system.

Video Analytics Solutions

Pro-Vigil’s video content analysis software can be used in a host of different industries. Hotels, tourist attractions, convention centers, and any place that attracts a large crowd usually have need of advanced surveillance to keep an eye on suspicious activities. Advanced video analytics technology can recognize facial features and understand crowd patterns that can flag behaviors and persons deemed a risk. Video analytics for government purposes helps in the reduction of crime and improvement of citizen safety. The healthcare industry has turned to video analytics companies as a way to spot possible dangers like an unattended bag or hallway obstruction, while still being used for improved patient care. Airports, bus stations, retail stores, schools, and more are experiencing the benefits of using video analytics to keep people on their properties safer and more secure.

The Technology Behind Video Analytics

Pro-Vigil’s video analytics takes what is captured on camera and turns it into structured data that can be analyzed. This happens automatically, effectively detecting and determining certain events based on what is happening within the frame. It requires no extra analysis work on the ground, making it an automated process once programmed. Video analytics is technology that’s also able to eliminate the likelihood of a false alarm by identifying and ignoring activities considered irrelevant. The technology can focus on what’s important and filter out the surrounding white noise.

Benefits and Features

Real-Time Alerting

Our video analytics system reduces the amount of time needed to collect data and analyze it. Much of this happens automatically, which can be of great benefit when needing precise analysis in the moment. That means when something suspicious, troublesome, or dangerous is detected, alerts are sent out immediately, notifying the proper authorities who can then act to rectify the situation.

Video Search

The data recorded from our surveillance analytics systems is stored so that is can be accessed at any time. This is done through our advanced video search options, enabling users to pull up the information they want based upon the parameters set by the system. The same system can also access this information whenever it needs to in order to place more accurate context on current events being observed.


The data and analyses collected from our video analytics systems can be sent to one of Pro-Vigil’s Central Surveillance Centers for further insights. Reports can then be sent to give you informative analytical discoveries. These reports help keep you updated on what has been found and how the system is functioning. As a result, you know the details on your video analytics software performance.

Lower Labor Costs

The price of managing an on-premise, more traditional surveillance system can quickly soar out of control. The video analytics as a service provided by Pro-Vigil not only provides better results, it does so at a lower cost. With much of the busywork automated and kept at a local level, you’ll simply need fewer people working on your system to see how effective it can be.

Optimized Operations

While video analytics may sound like a complicated set-up, it’s kept simple and easy-to-use. The system has been designed to operate at an optimal level, using the latest technology to deliver deep insights from surveillance systems. The system runs smoothly and is backed up by top level support to ensure you always have an eye on your properties.

Hear From Someone Who’s Utilized Pro-Vigil’s Video Analytics

“The camera systems and customer access has allowed us to review footage following any incident as well as investigate damages to building or vehicles during regular work hours so that the responsible party could be held accountable. We have also been able to resolve several attempted material and tool thefts that have occurred during the course of using the Pro-Vigil systems.”

– Nicholas Olheiser, Superintendent at Durothech Inc.

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