Virtual Security Guard Services

The Technological Evolution of On-Site Guards

What Is a Virtual Guard?

A virtual guard, sometimes called a remote guard, is a highly trained surveillance expert who uses technology to protect your property or properties. Rather than being physically present on a site, the virtual guard will monitor the feeds for multiple cameras. This allows the guard to observe most of a property – if not the entire property – at once. 

Virtual guards can also dispatch police and even confront trespassers thanks to speakers and microphones. By using advanced surveillance tools like thermal or low-light cameras, a virtual guard can be far more effective than an on-site security guard – often at a fraction of the price. 

Virtual Security Guards to Defend Your Business

Pro-Vigil provides the benefits of human surveillance without the costs of in-person security. Our virtual guards have:

Pro-Vigil’s Virtual Security Guard Solution

Pro-Vigil is the perfect mix of human judgment and technological efficiency. We have:

Dedicated Professionals

A surveillance team monitors your site during desired hours, whether overnight or even 24/7.


AI Analysis

AI-based machine learning can identify what is and what isn’t a potential threat. We alert you if someone enters your property at night, but we won’t alert you for a neighborhood cat.


Mobile Support

Using our Pro-Vigil Mobile App, you can access any of your camera feeds at anytime.