Virtual Security Guard Services

The Technological Evolution of On-Site Guards

What Is a Virtual Guard?

A virtual guard, sometimes called a remote guard, is a highly trained surveillance expert who uses technology to protect your property or properties. Rather than being physically present on a site, the virtual guard will monitor the feeds for multiple cameras. This allows the guard to observe most of a property – if not the entire property – at once. 

Virtual guards can also dispatch police and even confront trespassers thanks to speakers and microphones. By using advanced surveillance tools like thermal or low-light cameras, a virtual guard can be far more effective than an on-site security guard – often at a fraction of the price. 

Virtual Security Guards to Defend Your Business

Pro-Vigil provides the benefits of human surveillance without the costs of in-person security. Our virtual guards have:

Pro-Vigil’s Virtual Security Guard Solution

Pro-Vigil is the perfect mix of human judgment and technological efficiency. We have:

Dedicated Professionals

A surveillance team monitors your site during desired hours, whether overnight or even 24/7.


AI Analysis

AI-based machine learning can identify what is and what isn’t a potential threat. We alert you if someone enters your property at night, but we won’t alert you for a neighborhood cat.


Mobile Support

Using our Pro-Vigil Mobile App, you can access any of your camera feeds at anytime.


Smart Sorting

Our system automatically and intelligently tags footage based on events, letting you sort through it later.

Our virtual guard services meld maximum cost effectiveness with maximum safety, and deters crime 97% of the time. Pro-Vigil’s virtual guard security service keeps your business and your property safe.

Pro-Vigil’s Live Remote Video Surveillance Solution

The Industry Leading Data Proven Security Choice

Response Time
Crimes Deterred
Police Dispatched

Why Pro-Vigil?


Our active monitoring through mobile and fixed surveillance reduces your risk of being the victim of theft or vandalism.


You’ll find less repairs, less replacements, less waste, and lower premiums when you use our video surveillance as a service.


Spend less time dealing with losses and more time selling and growing your business.

The security from Pro-Vigil’s Remote Video Monitoring Solution is unmatched. Best of all, we can bring you new security solutions or replace or integrate with existing solutions you may already have.

Pro-Vigil’s philosophy is simple: We’d rather stop a potential crime in progress, than help solve it afterward See how simple it can be to implement or improve your commercial security today.