Surveillance for every type of business

With 18,000 cameras deployed at 2,500 locations, we are the largest and most trusted business security monitoring company in the United States.

From criminal threats to natural catastrophes, we detect hazards instantly and accurately, making every attempt to deter crime or damage before alerting authorities.

97% of all theft or vandalism at a site on our watch is deterred with talk-downs, strobes, and alarms.

Discover some of the reasons organizations in all fields choose our business security camera systems to grant them peace of mind.

Auto Dealership Security Systems

Protect yourself from car theft with vigilant surveillance that only our virtual security guards can provide.

Cell Tower Security System

Our virtual guards protect even the most remote towers against vandals while ensuring that equipment malfunctions don’t disrupt cell phone service.

Vacant Property Security

Vacant properties face different risks than occupied ones. Pro-Vigil has the experience and expertise to recognize the difference and accommodate your security needs.

Multi-Family Housing Security Systems

With 24/7 monitoring and instant notifications to the authorities, Pro-Vigil’s virtual guards keep residential complexes safe from both intrusions and vandalism.

Comprehensive Substation Security Systems

Left unprotected, substations can easily fall prey to thieves, vandals, equipment malfunction and other dangers. Our remote security system can instantly notify the authorities of any trouble.

Recycling Center Security Systems

Our 24/7 monitoring keeps a lookout for illegal dumping and dumping of non-recyclable waste at times when visibility is lowest and on-site guards tend to be least effective.

Self Storage Security System

Even when nobody is authorized to be on the premises, Pro-Vigil can be there. Our system keeps a watchful eye for anything unexpected and notifies you by phone or email at the same time as the authorities.

Subdivision Security Services

Keep your subdivision safe by having a Virtual Security Guard monitor your gate. Our system will quickly deter anyone who tries to improperly enter.

Scrap Yard Security

On top of deterring crime, a remote property camera system can document progress on construction projects and ensure that safety procedures are being followed.

Power Plants

Our camera technology can ensure that your plant stays operational by stopping criminal threats.


Video surveillance is required by law in most states, so make sure you’re getting a full-service solution with active monitoring and deterrence.