Benefits beyond security

Video surveillance technology can serve as both a visual deterrent to criminals and an aid to solving crime. At Pro-Vigil, we know that access to high-quality video surveillance footage can be equally valuable for a variety of non-security issues.

Safety is the most obvious advantage of video surveillance technology, but Pro-Vigil systems are also pre-equipped for other tasks that require a 24/7 video feed. For example, recording an ongoing project can allow you to check that project’s status in real time from your mobile device.

Additional features, like thermal camera footage, allow our customers to perform a variety of surveillance tasks beyond ordinary threat detection.

Virtual Security Guard

Eliminate the risks that come with of having a live guard on duty, without sacrificing of the protection.

Smart Device Compatibility

By connecting your security camera system to your phone, we put the power to protect your property in your hands.

Remote Project Management

Combine your surveillance and business intelligence with security cameras and state of the art machine learning.

IP Camera Health and Equipment Monitoring

We check your surveillance solution every 10 seconds to ensure you’re online and protected when it matters most.

IP Hosting

Our system allows you to access and view your videos on any mobile device or computer anytime, anywhere.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

Get the high tech solution for security with video surveillance monitoring.

Video Analytics

Unlock the full potential of a video surveillance system with our video analytics.