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Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

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Pro-Vigil mobile solutions leverage remote video technology and advanced recognition software to identify, track, and evaluate potential security threats. With real-time client access and 24/7 service, our clients find peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected by our industry leading surveillance technology and responsiveness.


Equipment Status Monitoring


A simple problem with a surveillance camera’s IP can interrupt its ability to protect the things that matter most to you. In addition, unless you’re constantly reviewing your system’s status, you might not even notice a complication until it’s too late. Pro-Vigil’s IP Health Monitoring services allow you to avoid this threat entirely.

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IP Camera Hosting Security


Pro-Vigil IP camera hosting allows you to access and remotely view your video feeds on any web-enabled mobile device or computer—at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Your Dedicated Surveillance Team


Traditional security guards can lose focus. Our vigilant team watches the system that monitors your property, equipped with advanced surveillance training, proprietary software, and on-site deterrents.

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Video Analytics


Around 90% of the video data your security system collects is unstructured content, meaning that managing your video content can be “arbitrary, imprecise and time-consuming.” Pro-Vigil’s video analytics security systems solve these problems, giving you a more accurate view of the events that occur on your properties.

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Video Surveillance Monitoring


There are times when your property might bustle with activity. Your security cameras will capture crowds of customers or busy employees doing their work.

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Smart Device Compatibility


Pro-Vigil also allows users to communicate directly with multiple Pro-Vigil departments to access the help they need. By connecting your security camera system to your phone, Pro-Vigil puts the power to protect your property in your hands.

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Remote Project Management


Improve worker efficiency and ensure compliant safety practices with a fully integrated video surveillance system and video analytics software – perfect for remote project management.

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Why Us?


It is our mission to provide our clients with a cost-conscious and comprehensive solution for live surveillance and monitoring, no matter the location.


In addition to security monitoring, your live video feed can help you with documenting site progression, enforcing safety compliance, and most everything you would have to be on-site for.


Pro-Vigil mobile units can be easily mounted on a trailer, building, free-standing pole, or any object. You won't have to sacrifice video visibility because of budget, location, availability of electricity, or site layout.



Theft, vandalism, and accidents are problems that construction sites are forced to contend with. Pro-Vigil’s remote video technology and acute responsiveness makes a significant difference.


Thieves target oil and gas equipment because of the high-value and relatively low security, but protecting equipment is a struggle when they are in a remote location. Pro-Vigil provides a remote security solution that actively watches and deters thieves no matter the location.

Ranch and Agriculture

It takes acres of land to have a successful agriculture business, but securing all that land is a daunting task. Utilizing Pro-Vigil’s mobile surveillance solution gives you the ability to set up cameras anywhere and have active monitoring to prevent trespassing.


People expect uninterrupted access to their utilities – electrical power, drinkable water, and even cable and phone services. Many vital utility sites are located in remote places and completely unprotected. But with Pro-Vigil’s mobile solution, your vital utility sites can be actively monitored, regardless of the location.

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