Vacant Properties

Vacant Property Security with Virtual Guard Services

Vacant homes and buildings attract the attention of various unwanted elements. You don’t want thieves, vandals or curious local youth looking to cause harm, plunder piping, or simply looking to explore on your property. When unauthorized individuals break into your vacant properties, they put both themselves and your real estate investment at risk. Even if your property is not actively being used, robust vacant property security is critical to reduce potential damage and minimize your legal liability.

Pro-Vigil offers remote security monitoring and virtual guard services for round-the-clock vacant property security. We make it possible to keep your vacant properties safe at all hours, day and night, without having to staff them with expensive on-site guards. Our unique real estate property security solutions will deter trespassers, catch thieves, and protect your assets.

Pro-Vigil’s vacant property security uses special recognition software that automatically identifies and responds to intruders and other threats. Our software instantly alerts the trained staff of our virtual guard services, who evaluate potential threats in real time. Our virtual guards can respond by contacting monitors, activating remote deterrents or alerting the local authorities.

Through the combination of our remote security monitoring and virtual guard services, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best vacant property security on the market.

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