5 Advantages To Cutting The Cord (Wireless Security Camera Systems For Business)

Wireless security camera systems for business have proven to be superior when it comes to protecting your business from property theft. 5 reasons to cut the cord today!
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There will always be criminals who would rather take what they can from others, instead of trying to build anything themselves. According to the FBI’s Crime in the United States crime report, Americans suffered approximately $15.3 billion in losses from property crimes (excluding arson) in 2017.

Now, think about your business. If a criminal were to target your property, would your existing surveillance measures be enough to keep them from turning your American dream into a nightmare? Well, if you’re relying on outdated, hardwired surveillance systems, then the answer is most likely no. Why? Because new systems that use wireless technology have a number of benefits over older designs that are still anchored to the outlet. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with these five key advantages of investing in a Commercial Wireless Security Camera System.

1. You Can’t Cut Wires That Aren’t There

What does it take to break into an establishment with a fully wired surveillance system? Often nothing more than a pair of wire cutters. By disrupting perimeter telephone and power cables, criminals effectively blind even the most advanced wired surveillance cameras. On the other hand, wireless surveillance, as the name suggests, has no wires to attack. Many wireless systems are likewise designed to be able to function for extended periods of time on their own power-sources. The end result is that criminals are going to find themselves enjoying a free ride in the back of a police cruiser, no matter how many wire cutters they bring along.

2. These Systems Can Be Placed Anywhere

When it comes to restricting surveillance locations, there really isn’t much difference between a wire and a tether. Wires force businesses to place their cameras in spots where cables and other equipment can reach—whether or not those spots are the optimal locations for surveillance devices. With wireless cameras, the only restriction you face regarding camera placement is your own imagination.

3. Secure Recorded Footage

If your wired surveillance system records its footage to an onsite backup, then there’s not much stopping criminals from robbing your establishment, and then simply taking or damaging the recordings for good measure. Wireless surveillance that saves data directly to the cloud is completely safe from those who might want to see it disappear. This means that no matter what a criminal might do, you’ll always have a way of accessing the surveillance footage. As for the digital data itself, wireless surveillance systems employ top-rate encryption techniques, making your video feed safe from cyber-criminals, as well as conventional ones.

4. Easily Accessible From Anywhere

Speaking of accessibility, wireless surveillance systems give you the ability to check your camera feeds at anytime, from anywhere in the world. Want to take a vacation, but don’t want to leave your business undefended? Just take along your mobile smart device, and you’ll never have to worry about not knowing exactly what’s happening back on the home-front.

5. They Are Cost Effective

It’s amazing how many businesses install surveillance systems in an effort to deter criminals, but end up getting ‘robbed’ by the cost of installation. Installing a wired surveillance system can be a massive undertaking, and may even result in damage to your property (those wires, cables, and security components have to go somewhere). With wireless surveillance, you won’t have to shell out good money just so some technician can put a bunch of holes in your walls. Instead, your money goes where it’s supposed to: towards the equipment and the service. That means less money spent on the system, more money for the system to protect.


So cut the cord, and let Pro-Vigil keep you safe. After all, if you don’t protect your big break, then you’ll just be setting some criminal up to enjoy theirs.

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