Camera Health Monitoring & Management

Automatically Detect Any Equipment Defects, Ensuring Security Is Always Active

Don’t Get Caught With Your “Eyes” Shut

Even If Cameras Go Down

AI Deterrence

Our advanced health monitoring capabilities automatically detects any problems in the security equipment on site.

If there are any issues due to a power outage, malicious tampering, or even just an animal running into the camera – the system will instantly notify someone on our team that is equiped to fix the problem so your system stays up and running.

Benefits of Remote IP Camera Health Monitoring

  • Actively check the status of all security equipment, 24/7

  • Notify Pro-Vigil staff the instant an outage or malfunction is detected

  • Dispatch a team of trained technicians to the site ASAP

  • Ensure your property is protected with near-100% uptime

We Don't Just Monitor Camera Health

Keeping every piece of equipment up and running is vital! We take the necessary steps to ensure the health of the entire security system, including:

  • Alarms

  • Cameras


  • Storage

  • Lights

  • All Other Accessories

Pro-Vigil Keeps Cameras Online, Ensuring Coverage When Needed Most

Common Causes for Security Equipment Defects

Pro-Vigil’s active camera monitoring can detect and notify trained technicians about errors caused by:

  • Internet Outages

  • Weather Damage

  • Sabotage

  • Power Disruptions

  • Equipment Malfunction

  • And Much More

You can have the best security system in the world, but that won’t matter if it goes offline. Remote IP Camera health monitoring ensures that problems can be noticed, diagnosed, and fixed right away. Pro-Vigil keeps your business’ eyes open, no matter what.