Most Intelligent

Live Surveillance


No other monitoring and live surveillance company deters crime in as little as 18 seconds. That’s faster than the speed of crime.

It’s not just our surveillance that’s fast, our US based customer support team is available 24/7, supporting you when you need them most.


With real time contextual search, integrated machine learning that identifies what’s a threat and what isn’t, and advanced 3rd generation equipment health monitoring, you’ll be equipped with the most intelligent surveillance solution money can buy.



Your business can’t afford to lose assets, time, or money because of theft and vandalism. We prevent crime in 97% of all instances, and we view over 1 million events per day, making us the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company.

The Pro-Vigil Way

Pro-Vigil is the undisputed leader in the surveillance space, stopping crime when we can, and contacting law enforcement for you, when needed.




Events Processed
Criminals Deterred
Crimes Prevented

Equipment Status Monitoring


A simple problem with a surveillance camera’s IP can interrupt its ability to protect the things that matter most to you. In addition, unless you’re constantly reviewing your system’s status, you might not even notice a complication until it’s too late. Pro-Vigil’s IP Health Monitoring services allow you to avoid this threat entirely.

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IP Camera Hosting Security


Pro-Vigil IP camera hosting allows you to access and remotely view your video feeds on any web-enabled mobile device or computer—at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Your Dedicated Surveillance Team


Traditional security guards can lose focus. Our vigilant team watches the system that monitors your property, equipped with advanced surveillance training, proprietary software, and on-site deterrents.

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Video Analytics


Around 90% of the video data your security system collects is unstructured content, meaning that managing your video content can be “arbitrary, imprecise and time-consuming.” Pro-Vigil’s video analytics security systems solve these problems, giving you a more accurate view of the events that occur on your properties.

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Video Surveillance Monitoring


There are times when your property might bustle with activity. Your security cameras will capture crowds of customers or busy employees doing their work.

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Smart Device Compatibility


Pro-Vigil also allows users to communicate directly with multiple Pro-Vigil departments to access the help they need. By connecting your security camera system to your phone, Pro-Vigil puts the power to protect your property in your hands.

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Remote Project Management


Improve worker efficiency and ensure compliant safety practices with a fully integrated video surveillance system and video analytics software – perfect for remote project management.

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Secure your site


In it for the long haul? Our permanent surveillance solutions are available for custom installation or integration with an existing security system. Whether your site is constantly busy or pretty quiet, you can rest assured that our dedicated surveillance team has an eye on it 24/7.


Need a flexible solution? Our mobile surveillance service can be customized for a variety of businesses that require self-contained video solutions. Whether you need a temporary solution for a construction site or simply a system that’s ready to launch today.

Partner Program

Imagine offering increased services to clients without doing any extra in-house work. Provide your customers the benefits of Pro-Vigil without the development costs or the hassle of implementation. Become a Pro-Vigil partner to enhance your offerings and grow your alarm business today.


Step 1: Assess your personal pain points, take a look at your property, and create a custom site-plan showing our recommended camera placement and their area coverage.


Step 2: Install and implement the software and hardware needed to monitor your location(s). We’ll also train you on how to use our software, and give you your customer service contacts information.


Step 3: Once implemented, you’re all set! We’re on watch and notify you of any events, monitor your hardware health, and most importantly, defend your assets.

See what others have to say

The technology has surpassed my expectations, the alarm system and strobes go off as soon as a foot or tire touches the property during off hours. The camera system has continuously allowed me to monitor what is going on onsite while I am not there, which is a bonus. In the rare events where I have had issues, help has always been just a phone call away. The issues are always resolved promptly and effectively.

Liz RennaSite Super at Briarwood/Sayreville Nursing

Not only have you helped us reduce our monthly cost, but you’ve also saved us from theft and vandalism on multiple occasions. We’re located in a high-activity area at night, and it helps me sleep safe at night knowing Pro-Vigil is monitoring our property.

Elvin PoolBody Shop Manager at Covert Auto Group

Having our sites monitored by your company has greatly reduced the potential for theft and vandalism that many times occurs on a job site. This has translated into reduced costs and quicker build times. Thanks again to you and your team of monitoring professionals for the added peace of mind!

Steve RudinLoyd Russel Homes LP

The value of the system far exceeds a full-time security guard. We have not had any false alarms and have not had any break-ins to our project. We attribute this success to the Pro-Vigil system. In addition, the Pro-Vigil team has been a pleasure to work with, always being available and helpful with whatever our needs have been.

John StillDPR Construction

Before we partnered with Pro-Vigil two months ago, we had a rash of break-ins and thefts on our car lot that occurred after hours… Once the Pro-Vigil live monitoring and audio voice deterrents were in place, we haven't experienced one incident and I believe that we will have zero incidents moving forward. I am very satisfied with Pro-Vigil and I am so glad we made the decision to partner with you and your company.

Mozi Crawl-BeyFinance Manager at Fastlane Automart Inc.

This whole experience has been nothing but great and puts us at ease knowing we have a company looking over our property during the hours of surveillance. I give Pro-Vigil two thumbs up on service, service options, technology capabilities and customer service. Thanks for your help and we look forward to doing more business with Pro-Vigil on our upcoming projects!!

Bryan JohnsonAssistant Superintendent at Ryan