Security Enhanced with AI Technology

How Artificial Intelligence Can Secure Your Property

Smart Security Systems for Businesses

With AI Security Features

The days of simply plugging in a security camera or putting up a fence are long gone. Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze enormous amounts of information, detect threat levels, and take action on things that would normally require human intelligence. This opens a world of new capabilities for security and compliance.

Deep Learning Technology

Our system is inspired by the human brain - it learns by experience. Our cameras accurately determine threat levels without human involvement.

Video Categorization and Smart Search

Zero-in on moments that matter in seconds with real-time video categorization and smart search. "e.g. guy wearing red shirt"

Personalized and Precise Alerts

Receive search-based video alerts for events that matter most to you.  You can also add or exclude any zones to narrow down problem areas.

Finding HD Footage Is Fast and Easy

  • Our cameras start recording in HD when a threat is detected – providing clear documentation of all incidents.
    [Before intruders run away or are arrested!]


  • This smart commercial security system automatically tags clips with keywords – making footage easy to find.


  • All video is securely stored in the cloud, for easy access from any WiFi enabled device.

How Does AI Improve Security?

  • Detect and Deter Crime

    The software is trained to spot suspicious behavior and generate alerts to people monitoring the video, or even automatically trigger lights, sirens and recorded announcements to scare off would-be thieves. AI also enables these smart video cameras to understand sounds – the difference, for example, between glass breaking and a flag flapping.

  • Monitor Workplace Compliance

    AI enabled cameras can be trained to recognize when best practices are not being followed and alert the appropriate managers. Imagine having AI handle compliance checks for you -- the productivity and safety benefits are obvious.

  • Detect and Mitigate Health Risks

    AI can automatically count heads, determine whether or not people are staying six feet apart, and even determine if they’re wearing masks. And, when paired with thermal imaging software, AI-enabled cameras can even identify people who are running “hot.”

Best of all, integrating this solution with existing security solutions is fast and easy.

See how simple it can be to enhance your commercial security with AI and machine learning.