The Pro-Vigil Vision

To be the absolute industry leader in providing comprehensive surveillance solutions enabled by technology and service excellence for our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Values
High-Performance Organization

Think and act to drive positive results at all levels: Individual, Team, and Organization.

Collaboration and Specialization

Maximize complementary talents and capabilities across teams and functions. 

Outstanding Customer Experience

Own it without exception; make excellence in customer experience synonymous with Pro-Vigil.

Conscientious Stewardship

Thorough scrutiny on budgetary aspects of the business to maximize results and profitability.

Crystal Clear Communication

Communicate accurately so individuals and teams can stay well-aligned and on task.

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon.

Paul Brandt

Key Milestones

The Early 90's

The Beginnings

“When digital multiplexer units became affordable it revolutionized the surveillance industry by enabling recording on several cameras or units at once.

Digital multiplex also added features like time-lapse and motion-only recording, which saved a great deal of wasted videotape.”

The Early 90's

Early 2006

The Vision

Jeremy White (Founder) had the vision to provide Surveillance as a Service to a market (construction sites) that traditionally experienced high theft and vandalism.

His vision was to use mobile assets and leverage the latest technology to deliver a service that would help construction project manager’s secure sites.

Early 2006

September 2006

Pro-Vigil Forms

Pro-Vigil is formed and incorporated in Texas. It all starts with a “promise”.

The team lands its first mobile account with a major construction company by promising to detect, deter and defend the worst site in San Antonio. It does and the rest is history…

September 2006

June 2007

New Horizons

We began servicing multiple different customers offering our new fixed surveillance solutions.

June 2007

Early 2008

Rising In The Ranks

We become an Industry Leader in Monitoring, leading the way in innovation and responsiveness, offering both mobile and fixed options to new customers.

Early 2008

February 2015


We are acquired by The Riverside Company, increasing our capacity to break through new technology barriers, invest in innovation and provide more advanced services.

February 2015

December 2018

Increasing Partnerships

The collaboration with Lydia Security Monitoring marks the company’s largest partnership with a video monitoring provider and a central station company to date, opening the door to future channel partnerships.

December 2018
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