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Your Own Virtual Security Guard

Having living, breathing guards on-site can actually present a number of problems for the security of your property. Guards require training, equipment, and hourly wages. They need to operate in teams to be effective, and they may lose focus when faced with long, uneventful shifts. Worst of all, security guards run the risk of being injured when facing down potentially-violent intruders. Still, the advantages of having a human mind to help protect your property is one that cannot be overlooked, which is why Pro-Vigil places the safety of your property in the hands of well-trained individuals known as virtual guards. Employ a professional security camera system operated by professional virtual guards and eliminate the risks that come with of having a live guard on duty while not sacrificing any level of protection.

Dedicated Virtual Guards

Pro-Vigil virtual guards monitor the equipment that monitors your property. With the help of advanced surveillance training, special software, and onsite deterrents, virtual guards are able to address any situation that arises, and to provide a response that is appropriate to the situation. When potential threats are detected in the surveillance system’s field of vision, virtual guards are alerted immediately. The guard’s can then assess the threat, and determine the best course of action. And best of all, Pro-Vigil virtual guards work to protect you property remotely, so that at no point will they find themselves in direct physical danger from violent intruders. Learn more about how this virtual video surveillance method works and the benefits it will bring to your business.

Virtual Guards, Actual Results

Pro-Vigil surveillance systems with dedicated virtual guards are significantly less expensive than committing to an on-site security guard solution. And for those times when the threats are of a non-criminal nature, Pro-Vigil guards are trained to evaluate and respond just as efficiently, for results that will save you time, money, and a significant amount of stress. For your site to be truly secure, you need the expertise of human guards. Let Pro-Vigil put its expertise to work for you.

Hear From A Client Who Has Used Dedicated Virtual Guard

“The value of the system far exceeds a full-time security guard. We have not had any false alarms and have not had any break-ins to our project. We attribute this success to the Pro-Vigil system.”

-John Stull, Senior Project Manager at DPR Construction