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Remote Video Monitoring System

There are times when your property may be bustling with activity. Customers might be moving in front of cameras, employees could be doing their work, and all sorts of activities might be taking place under the watchful gaze of your surveillance systems just like any normal day.

But then there are times when your property will likely be totally deserted. During these times, a live video monitoring surveillance system that only comes online when it detects a potential threat may be the best surveillance solution available no matter what type of business you run.

For obvious reasons, choosing your security strategy is extremely important since it can mean the difference between many years of success or an incident that cripples your organization. Of all the options to choose from, remote surveillance is one that many companies have picked due to its many advantages when using new technological advances. Don’t think of remote surveillance as the security cameras of old. This system features advanced analytical capabilities and the latest in video technology. Any company serious about securing their properties will want to consider the positives to be found when adopting remote surveillance solutions.

Many businesses have gotten by in the past by using security guards, as is the traditional method. While effective for its time, live guards do come with a number of drawbacks. For one, they can’t be everywhere at once. They do have patrol routes that take them to the most important places of a worksite, but they can only keep their eyes on one thing at a time. This makes it easy for criminals to take advantage of their patterns, entering the premises while the guards aren’t around. Actual security guards also need proper training to be able to handle the large number of situations they may find themselves in. In addition to that, you need to provide them with the right equipment. All of this costs money, a cost that can be minimized when using remote video surveillance systems as provided by Pro-Vigil.

Live Remote Video Monitoring Service Solutions

Our remote monitoring and mobile surveillance service is monitoring based on a triggered event by an analytic or hardware sensor. This means that if your site is empty, and if no one is authorized to be on your property, then remote monitoring will activate at the first sign of a threat.

This is all done through Pro-Vigil’s advanced recognition software, specialized video analytics, and off-site live video monitoring. With this technology, the threat will be identified and evaluated based off of the data that is collected. The data provided through remote surveillance can determine exactly what type of threat the property is facing. With advances in big data analytics and video technology, the remote video surveillance from Pro-Vigil can properly identify if the threat is of a criminal nature or if it comes from an accident such as an electrical fire. All of that data is analyzed remotely in real time, providing constant feedback on what is happening on the premise.

If it appears that further action is necessary, authorities will be notified, and onsite audible and visual deterrents will be activated. That might include something as simple as setting off an alarm that will scare away intruders or turning on the lights. Even just having surveillance cameras present may work as a preventative strategy, dissuading criminals from committing crimes before the action takes place. As always, early detection is key and adds another layer of cost savings when choosing a remote video surveillance system.

This service is best for sites or applications where there is a definable parameter (such as construction sites, electrical substations, gated areas, etc.), and times during which no one should be within the defined area. This enables the system to act quickly and effectively.

Keeping People Safe

Part of the appeal of using remote security cameras and surveillance systems is the safety it provides. Rather than having live security guards actually on the property, checking up on threats and keeping an eye on things, the remote surveillance system provides more feedback and better coverage without putting anyone in danger. Traditional security guards would need to confront criminals in the middle of the crime, which could lead to any number of dangerous situations. Instead of placing people in harm’s way, all the surveillance is done remotely, well away from the property. It’s just as effective (if not moreso) and is better at evaluating threats and responding accordingly.

The Advantage of Mobile Monitoring

Another advantage to using these types of systems is that they can be viewed from nearly anywhere as long as you have the right access and an internet connection. With remote monitoring and mobile surveillance, you’ll be able to check in on your system whenever you want. Through the ease of a simple app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, you can view what’s happening at your business through the remote security cameras installed on the premises. That means you can cycle through the cameras with the swipe of your finger, giving you an added view of what’s going on at all hours of the day. Beyond the live feed, you can also check out archived footage, review video data analysis reports, and examine previous images. All of this is at your fingertips thanks to the latest in remote and mobile surveillance technology.


This is all especially helpful if you find yourself on the road often. If your job requires you to be out of town, it’s a relief to know you can check in whenever you want to make sure everything is all right. The same goes if you’re traveling for pleasure. While a vacation is supposed to be relaxing, many business owners and managers get worried when they’re away for an extended period of time. Remote monitoring and mobile surveillance eases those worries, allowing you to get a live view of what’s happening and getting you right back to enjoying your time off.

Technology that Never Sleeps

Pro-Vigil’s live remote video monitoring service means that no matter where your property may be located, no matter what hour of the day, you’ll always have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is being watched. And should something unexpected happen, you’ll have the remote monitoring service solutions you’ll need to help set it right. In other words, remote video surveillance extends your reach considerably without it feeling like a burden. Remote and mobile surveillance isn’t just convenient, it’s cost effective and useful in preventing the worst case scenario from developing.

Hear From Someone Who Has Used Our Remote Video Monitoring

“Pro-Vigil’s ease of setup and price made their services the best option over a guard service to protect our job site. The cameras were set up for over nine months and being able to check on the construction site at any time via cell phone or computer was a great tool. More than once the systems abilities to allow us to download videos of daily activities was utilized with success.”

-Matt Austin, Gables Construction

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