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Should You Become a Pro-Vigil Partner?

Imagine having the ability to offer increased services to clients without doing any extra in-house work. Our partners can offer their customers the benefits of Pro-Vigil without the development costs or the hassle of implementation.

Pro-Vigil’s software ensures that customers will work with you long after the installation is complete. Our sophisticated video monitoring design gives customers total control over their camera feeds and is flexible enough to adapt to any type of IP camera or output. At the same time, we manage all of the upkeep so you can focus on what you do best.

What we do for you:




Become a Pro-Vigil partner to enhance your offerings and grow your alarm business with the following features:

Ready-to-Learn Technology

Our system becomes smarter the more you use it, continuously improving your daily summaries and alerts.

Smart Internet-Based Video Compression

Unlike cameras that upload video continuously, Pro-Vigil systems record in HD only when there is important motion. Even with multiple cameras, your internet connection won’t be bogged down.

Find Specific Events in Seconds

Say goodbye to tedious searches through hours of video to find important events. With our search feature, you can focus on specific events to find the video you’re looking for in seconds. Also, you will quickly receive search-based video alerts for the events that matter most to you.

Unlimited Storage and Cameras

Monitor every camera in one streamlined feed. We store your 24/7 video history in our secure cloud storage for 30 days or more—without hogging your bandwidth.


Simple Flat Fees

Compatible With Virtually Any IP Camera

White Glove Partner Support

We stop crime

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