Pro-vigil gives you peace of mind


We see less instances of vandalism with our inventory on the lot… I would recommend their services to a dealer who is in a high volume area like we are and has a high volume of vandalism but doesn’t want their lot to look like a fortress.

Melissa Vendelie | General Manager | Auto Group

It’s great to be able to go on my cell phone or my iPad and look at the cameras at night or go back and look at previous videos. I would definitely recommend Pro-Vigil to another company.

David Odom | Senior Super attendent | Cadas Construction

I left here one night really late and… it went off. It notified me that there was an intruder on the job site and by the time I got to the fence they (Pro-Vigil) had contacted me to verify that whoever was leaving the job site had authorization… We all around go home feeling more at peace.

Catherine Blackler | Project Manager | Bartlett Cocke

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