While there are multiple retail security solutions available, video surveillance is the most comprehensive security solution you’ll find for your store. Not only does surveillance technology help deter crime, but it can also give you eyes on your employees, observe and analyze customer traffic, and reduce your long-term costs. Let’s look closer at what you stand to gain from using surveillance as a retail security solution.

1. Reduce Crime

The most obvious reason for installingvideo surveillanceis to protect your store from theft, and for good reason. When installed properly, cameras will catch much more than a security guard could because they have a bird’s eye view of the store. Most shoplifters know this too. And if they see that you have cameras in place, this alone could be a deterrent. However, if they still decide to steal from your store, you’ll have the evidence on video and can turn it over to authorities.

2. Monitor Employees

While you may believe that you’ve hired the best employees with the highest integrity, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.Studiesshow that 75% of all employees have stolen at least once from an employer, and the amount stolen annually from U.S. businesses by employees is $50 billion. To help protect your business, your retail security solutions should monitor the people who work for you as much as the customers. Video surveillance can also help you observe whether employees are staying on task or not. If you are out of town or away from the store, you can still view the activity at your place of business from your smartphone to ensure your team is doing their job.

3. Heat Maps And Store Layouts

Modern video surveillance has technology that goes beyond your typical retail security solutions. There are options such as avirtual guard solution, where live guards remotely watch your store. And there’s alsovideo analyticswhich provides things like heatmaps. Heatmaps reveal where your high traffic spots are in your store. So you know where customers congregate and linger. And you can plan your store layout accordingly. Have a new product that you want to draw attention to? Use your analytics to collect data on your customers and determine the best placement and move less popular items to an area with less traffic. When used right, this feature could also help increase sales, which brings us to our next point.

4. Reduce Costs

Of the various retail security solutions, video surveillance may seem expensive upfront due to the cost of equipment and installation. But in the long-term, security cameras will help you reduce expenses and increase profit. You’ll cut down on theft and shoplifting because savvy criminals will see your cameras and you’ll reduce the temptation from your own employees too. If your products are stolen, you’ll be able to hand over the evidence to the police and possibly even recover what was lost.

And on top of all of this, your insurance rate may even drop. Why? Because insurance companies will see your store as less of a risk if video surveillance is part of your retail security solution.

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