Construction Site Security Checklist

Construction Site Security Checklist

Construction sites face multiple risks including accidents, theft, and vandalism. Having a security plan in place is critical to help mitigate the risks that construction sites face. Here’s a list of things you can do to help you protect assets and workers at your construction site.


#1: Create a security policy and plan for your site – and post both of them in a visible location.  This is an important first step. Everyone onsite needs to know where you stand and what policies and procedures are in place to protect the business and its workers.


#2: Require workers to promptly report any incidents of theft and vandalism. Your employees are on the ground and may be the first to notice any incidents (unless you have video surveillance in place). Make sure they understand the importance of reporting it.


#3: Maintain a thorough record of any security incidents. This will help to identify any suspicious patterns of activity. You can do this manually, or coordinate it with the security company that monitors your construction site.


#4: Make sure that the site has adequate lighting at night. Lighting can help serve as a deterrent against crime and it can help to capture any suspicious activity on camera. If your construction site does not have access to electricity, mobile surveillance can help make a difference.


#5: Limit access at all times with the use of gates if possible. Ideally, secure the area with gates and lock them at night. This helps to prevent crime, vandals, and curious visitors, and potential accidents from happening.


#6: Install security cameras to capture activity around the clock. Strategically placed security cameras with IP camera hosting can monitor activity onsite around the clock. This allows you to capture any suspicious activity and view it instantly whether you are at the location, or offsite somewhere.


#7: Utilize virtual security guards to watch your construction site. To ensure that activity at your construction site recorded and watched around the clock, use virtual security guards to monitor it. Virtual security guards use high-quality video footage to remotely monitor activity and respond immediately to any situation.


#8: Secure valuable equipment in a building or portable storage trailer. When not in use, store any valuables and expensive equipment away if possible. Make sure that your workers know to do this and incorporate it into your security plan.


#9: Keep an inventory of materials and equipment.  A running inventory of materials and equipment will help you keep track of what you are using at the site. If something does go missing, you will have a record of it and can refer to your video footage to look for suspicious activity related to it.


#10: Make sure that security cameras are watching any buildings or storage trailers that contain valuable equipment and tools. The presence alone of security cameras pointed on buildings or storage containers with valuable can serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves. And if they are still determined to break in and steal something, you’ve got the proof on video.


#11: Remove valuable materials and equipment once they are no longer needed onsite. If you no longer need expensive equipment onsite, remove it from the site. This reduces the temptation and opportunity for thieves to take something from your construction site.


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