Construction sites face a unique set of theft risks. Whether it is construction on a new commercial building complex or residential home construction, sometimes you are starting with just a piece of land. And this land may not even have utilities, electricity, or a place to store machinery and tools. Not only do construction sites face the risk of stolen equipment and tools, but there are also appliances, copper wiring, and other electrical components that thieves target.

Because high-value tools, equipment, and wiring are often left outdoors, they can be vulnerable and exposed. Thieves know this, which is one of the reasons why they target this industry. But even if the equipment is secured inside a building, there is still a risk of a break-in – especially if there are not any eyes on the property watching out for the potential risks.

Sadly, the NER’s Equipment Theft Report states that less than 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered. In fact, vandalism and theft at job sites account for an estimated $1 billion in losses per year.

The need for outdoor security cannot be denied but protecting a construction site from criminal activity can be difficult, especially if the site does not have access to electricity, wi-fi, or any stable structures. Since assets are typically left outdoors, theft or vandalism can easily happen at night, or during the day when the site isn’t being monitored. These issues can cost the project a considerable amount of money.

However, there are measures that you can take to improve security at your construction site. These include creating a security policy for the site that workers must read and follow. This could include things like locking up or securing equipment once the work is done or keeping an eye out for people on the property who shouldn’t be there and reporting any suspicious activity or breaches immediately.

You can also install lighting to ensure that your construction site is well lit at night as this could help to deter crime. (Read our construction site checklist for even more ideas on keeping your construction site safe.)

But even with your workers keeping an eye out and cameras lighting the area, savvy criminals could still slip through – especially once the crew is gone for the night. You could hire a security guard to patrol your site, but this can get expensive, and a live guard cannot be in all areas at all times.

However, Security cameras, combined with the use of virtual guards, can keep your property safe even when you aren’t physically there. Virtual guards keep an eye on your property from a remote location. And, unlike a live guard, when paired with high-quality cameras, they can monitor all aspects of your construction site. And if an event occurs, they can take action immediately.

In many cases, simply using audio and visual deterrents is enough to scare away a would-be criminal from your site. And if not, a virtual guard monitoring your construction site can notify the proper authorities immediately.

What happens when your site is still in its earliest construction phases? Even if your construction area does not yet have access to electricity, Wi-Fi, or stable structures, Pro-Vigil can provide surveillance using its mobile security solutions to protect your project from being part of the $1 billion in annual losses that construction sites face each year.

Concerned about cost? Get a free quote from Pro-Vigil. You may realize that the cost to protect your construction site isn’t nearly as much as the cost to replace your tools and equipment if they are stolen.

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