Vandalism and theft at job sites account for an estimated $1 billion in losses per year. Every construction site is forced to contend with this risk since equipment, tools, appliances, and more are left outdoors. 

The need for outdoor security cannot be denied, but there are other issues that make protecting a construction site difficult. The site may not have access to electricity, wi-fi, or any stable structures. Since assets are typically left outdoors, theft or vandalism can easily happen at night, or during the day when the site isn’t being monitored. These issues can cost the project a considerable amount of money.

Keep your property safe even when you aren’t physically there with Pro-Vigil’s mobile security solutions. Even without access to electricity, wi-fi, and stable structures, Pro-Vigil can monitor your site night or day and deter any unwelcome visitors.

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Pro-Vigil deters intruders 97% of the time without having to dispatch law enforcement.