High Tech Security & Crime: The Cat & Mouse Game

As technology advances, so do criminals, see how a high tech security solution can help keep you one step ahead of criminals.

Virtual Guards and  New Innovations Provide a Reliable, High Tech Security Solution

In an effort to improve security and mitigate risk, many large enterprise businesses have turned to the use of remote monitoring and virtual guards as a high tech security solution. Enterprises that occupy large areas and land such as airports, data centers, government facilities, and utility companies must be able to protect their property from risk at every angle.

According to the Associated Press, from 2004 to 2016, there were 345 breaches at 31 of the major airports. These were not only disruptive, but many of them also caused damage resulting in expensive repairs.

More recently, in Nashville, Tennessee, a new downtown detention center will have to replace nearly 2,000 locks on its 762 bed maximum security facility after discovering that some of its facility keys were stolen.  The detention center did have surveillance cameras, which helped them figure out that a criminal justice advocate had broken into a room to take the keys. The break-in was not uncovered until a week later because no one was monitoring the camera feed.

Modern Security Solutions

Implementing security measures such as high-tech surveillance equipment and virtual guards who survey the property and  immediately report suspicious events to the proper personnel or authorities can reduce these types of costly risks.

Not only are security breaches like the ones listed above costly, they can be a publicity nightmare. For example, in Oregon, GridWorks had a laptop stolen containing nearly 650,000 social security numbers, birthdates, and Medicaid ID numbers. GridWorks was contracting with the state’s Medicaid coordinated care organization called Health Share to transport patients to non-emergency medical appointments. Health Share is now transitioning its transportation program (called Ride to Care) over to another company.

Virtual guards and remote surveillance provide greater coverage of the property and are much more efficient than expecting a security officer to patrol the premises. Even if the security officer uses a vehicle to get around the property, he still cannot cover all of the ground at once.  And if he is staring at a video on a screen in a command center instead of patrolling, there is always the risk of him stepping away, falling asleep, other being otherwise preoccupied, especially with no supervision.

High tech surveillance and virtual guard monitoring, on the other hand, have become very advanced. In fact, this form of surveillance is the most reliable and affordable options on the market today for enterprises that occupy large areas of land.

How Surveillance Technology has Advanced

As with many different types of technology, there are often challenges that must be worked out in the early stages. For surveillance, false positives were one of these. However, security manufacturers today have optimized their systems, delivered much more accurate information, and made a very affordable option. A few of the strategies used to enhance virtual guards and remote monitoring include:

The use of enhanced video analytics

Surveillance companies have enhanced the use of video analytics so that your surveillance data is more than just footage of events at your business. Software such as Pro-Vigil’s video analytics software has the capability to narrow down hours of footage to specific events at the click of a button. Pull the information you need based on search parameters and quickly use it to access the information you need.

Innovative product development and design

Innovation has not only reduced false positives; it has enabled surveillance companies to offer highly advanced products at affordable price points. Surveillance systems have become more mainstream and integrated into enterprise business security plans. Innovation and improved technology have become essential to commercial and industrial security.

HD cameras

Older surveillance technology (like CCTV cameras) provides a lack of image clarity and analytic performance. Newer surveillance technology (like 1080p and 4K cameras) provides clear images and video analytics.  High resolution makes images clear even at night. Clear images allow remote guards to monitor and examine live or recorded footage much easier. This footage passes along important details of any event to the right person.

Taking a multi-faceted approach

Today’s surveillance systems leverage a variety of technology including analytics, thermal sensors, HD cameras, and virtual guards. This results in a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to security. This approach offers an effective, turn-key solution to security.

Pro-Vigil is the undisputed leader in this space. To learn more about our innovative and cost-effective security solutions, or to get a free quote, contact us.

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