Why Your Business Must Have Remote Video Monitoring

Video security isn’t just nice to have, it’s very necessary. There is mounting evidence for why your business needs to invest.
Remote Video Monitoring

There’s no disputing it— commercial remote video monitoring is critical for businesses today. It protects you and your customers. And in many cases, it prevents crimes from happening in the first place.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few statistics and cases made for the necessity of video surveillance.

Video surveillance acts as a deterrent against crime

Most criminals are willing to break the law only when they believe that they’ll be able to escape consequences. When cameras or warning signs are visible, many prospective criminals will go looking for an easier target – one that is lacking video surveillance.

Research shows that security cameras significantly reduce the likelihood of a crime occurrence. In fact, Pro-Vigil deters 97% of instances before they even happen. Even if the sight of video surveillance isn’t enough to deter a would-be thief, visual and audio deterrents such as loud alarms and laser lights work well to ward off potential criminals. These types of deterrents can be triggered by things such as remote security guards.

Surveillance aids in the apprehension of criminals

The assistance of city surveillance cameras during the search for the two men behind the Boston Marathon bombings is a high-profile example of video footage being used to capture criminals, but it is only one example among many.

In a study released by Scotland Yard, video surveillance footage helps solve seven out of ten murders.  From minor traffic collisions to violent crimes, police officers usually begin their investigations by attempting to locate any nearby cameras that might have recorded the event. Even cameras that fail to capture footage of the crime itself can be utilized to locate and track suspicious individuals for further questioning.

Surveillance exonerates innocent individuals

If video surveillance and deterrents aren’t enough to stop a crime from happening, you want to be sure that you’ve got the right person who committed the crime.

Sometimes these things can happen so quickly that the witnesses aren’t sure who was really to blame and without video surveillance that shows what actually happened, police may end up apprehending innocent individuals. Remote video monitoring protects everyone by providing a clear view of events.

The Pro-Vigil Difference

Ready to find a video surveillance system for your company? Pro-Vigil offers high-quality video surveillance systems that protect your business and your customers with the most intelligent live surveillance on the market today.

Choose from features such as virtual security guards and mobile surveillance. Pro-Vigil processes over 1 million events daily deterring crime in as little as 18 seconds. You and your customers deserve to feel the security that comes from knowing that your property is protected—against whatever might come your way. Contact Pro-Vigil online to learn more.

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