Car Dealership Security System Benefits – Top 5

Car dealership security benefits go beyond just having video surveillance, learn more about the top 5 benefits to a security system.
car dealership security system

The Top 5 Car Dealership Security System Benefits

With an average loss of $8,407 per theft, protecting your auto dealership is a must. Some dealerships use live guards or simple cameras to protect their premises – but there are definitely limitations to on-site guards and cameras that do not proactively deter crime. The best choice for a car dealership security system is a modern, IP-based security system and here’s why:

#1: Capture the scene from all angles

Car dealership security system benefits include that it can capture video footage of a crime (unlike live guards). But can it capture all angles? This depends on the system itself and the experience and knowledge of your installers. If you use a top-rated company with experience and solid credentials, you can eliminate blind spots and capture literally every angle needed to identify a crime – if it even goes that far.

If you don’t, you could end up like Ancira Winton Chevrolet in San Antonio, TX, who had 45 vehicles robbed of their wheels and left on blocks for a loss of $300,000.

#2: Monitor your car dealership remotely

Another benefit of a good security system, and particularly an IP-based system, is that you can monitor activity at your dealership from anywhere. Whether you are in your office, at home, or on a trip, with a few clicks on your smartphone, you can easily pull up live or recorded footage to see what is going on. 

This doesn’t just allow you to observe potentially suspicious activities; it also helps you to monitor the traffic patterns of potential customers and evaluate your sales team in action. 

#3: Deter a crime before it happens

With a good security system in place, you can use audio and visual deterrents to scare off would-be criminals. If a potential threat is detected, a security system can sound off bells, flash bright lights, and create other distractions to startle a thief and anyone else nearby. Pro-Vigil security systems use these types of deterrents and successfully prevent 97% of all crimes before they even happen.  

#4: Protect your business safely

A video surveillance security system is a safer choice for protecting your business than live guards for several reasons. 

  1. First, it’s not based on human perception and so facts cannot be misconstrued. Since it captures everything on video, you can see for yourself what happened. 
  2. Secondly, it prevents the risk of injury that could be caused to a security guard or the criminal.  This is important because if either party is injured in an altercation, you could run a risk of liability. 

#5: Monitor your dealership when you need it most

An option available with security systems, such as Pro-Vigil’s, is the use of a virtual guard. A virtual guard is a live person carefully watching and monitoring your car dealership for suspicious activity. This person works from a remote location with a supervisor on duty to ensure that you have a set of eyes on your property when you need it most.

This would have been very helpful in the case of Brascar Auto Sales in Pompano Beach, FL when $240,000 worth of cars were stolen in the middle of the night.  

For the best in-car dealership security, contact Pro-Vigil, the undisputed leaders in the surveillance space, for a free quote.

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