5 Critical Physical Security Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

Protecting your business from physical security threats is critical to the success of your business. Here are five security tips to keep your business safe.
physical security threats

In the security world, there is a lot of concern over cybersecurity – and for good reason. According to a University of Maryland study, there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds. However, physical security is equally important and here’s why:

  • Businesses are 4x as likely to be burglarized than homes.
  • Small businesses lose $25K to $33K every minute to shoplifters.
  • Employee theft affects 64% of all small businesses.
  • The average business can lose up to 5 percent of its revenue to fraud.

So how do you keep your business safe from these types of threats?  Here are five physical security tips that you need to know to help protect your business.

1.    Secure Your Property from the Outside In.

Most modern criminals are smart. They will scope out a target business in advance and look for its vulnerable spots. This often starts on the outside. They will look for things like security cameras, gates with locks, access points such as doors or windows into the building that they can use, etc. So, do an assessment of the outside of your property to look for any weak spots.  Seek the support of a surveillance company if you need help assessing your property.

2.    Keep Your Business Well Lit.

Lighting is critical in order to prevent or identify potential threats. Outside of your building, parking lots, back alleys, and building entry points should all be well lit. Lighting can serve as a deterrent. And if the thief is determined to get in despite the lighting, your video cameras can capture a better image of the thief. This is also important inside your building. Whether it’s lights that stay on all night, or motion sensor lights, be sure that areas where valuable assets are kept are well lit.

3.    Use Security Cameras

Security cameras should be a part of your security plan, both inside your store as well as outside. They can protect your business by deterring crime or capturing footage of the evidence of it. And if you utilize services such as remote video surveillance and monitoring, the crime could be stopped in action or authorities notified much faster.

4.    Have an Emergency Plan

Whether you have only a few employees or several hundred, it is critical that you have a physical security plan in place and that everyone who works for you understands it. If you use a surveillance company, coordinate your plan with them and train your employees on it. Also, post it somewhere so that your team can quickly access it if needed.

5.    Routinely Monitor and Assess Your Security Plan

Some business owners make the mistake of implementing a physical security plan and leaving it. After all, if it seems to be working and there are no incidents, why change it? This kind of thinking leaves your company vulnerable to threats because you are essentially waiting for a threat to happen before making any changes. Instead, take a proactive approach and routinely monitor your system. Is it up to date with modern technology? Have there been any changes to your building that have left areas vulnerable?  These are all things that should be examined monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your operation.

Pro-Vigil Can Help You with Your Security Plan

Pro-Vigil is the undisputed leader in the physical security space. With features such as virtual security guards and IP camera health and equipment monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe from threats inside and out. To learn more about how Pro-Vigil can help you protect your business, visit the company online for a free quote.

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