What Are the Business Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

Your business’ video surveillance goes far beyond monitoring criminal activity – it can also help you make better business decisions.
Benefits of remote video monitoring for businesses

Today, deterrence is still the primary objective of video surveillance and real-time video monitoring. The 2011 Urban Institute published an authoritative report that outlines the basic premise of why surveillance is important and useful. But what are the benefits of remote video monitoring?

Here’s a quick breakdown.

  1. Would-be criminals perceive a greater risk of being caught if they know they are being watched.
  2. Law-abiding citizens perceive an enhanced sense of safety where surveillance systems exist.
  3. Surveillance systems appear to enhance the efficiency of criminal justice jurisdictions that implement them.
  4. Recorded footage documenting criminal activity may aid investigations and prosecutions, thereby increasing police and prosecutorial efficiency to the benefit of crime victims.

Aside from those advantages, video camera security allows us to monitor a variety of other factors vital to the success of a business, from market behavior and weather to safety and productivity. Read on to see the benefits of remote video monitoring for your business and your business’ bottom line.

Monitoring Market Behavior

Some of the best market research happens when buyers meet vendors. Business owners, with a little insight, can use video security for market perspective with a handful of well-placed gadgets.

A car dealership, for example, might utilize video surveillance to monitor which cars on the lot are getting the most customer attention, potentially indicating which models have the greatest local appeal. With information like that, the dealership can optimize the arrangement of the cars on the lot, placing the most popular models in the most accessible spots.

Environmental Monitoring

Another benefit of security systems is Increased efficiency in regard to time and resources.

Weather conditions often determine whether construction workers can work. Unfortunately, during seasons when the weather is unpredictable, too much company time and money goes to waste due to employees who are unable to work after showing up. However, with commercial video surveillance in place, crews can check on worksite conditions before heading to the site and reallocate their time and efforts as necessary.

Safety Monitoring

A safety manager’s job is to ensure every employee adheres to federal, state, and local protocols, and with that, there’s a great deal at stake.

Safety managers are periodically tasked with overseeing work being performed across large spaces, such as the roof of a building under construction. Because hiring additional safety managers is not usually feasible, companies can place security cameras in locations to provide a 360-degree view of worksites where dangerous processes are underway. Safety managers can then monitor the work from a remote location and communicate with workers via radio or cell phone.

Productivity Monitoring

Security and surveillance on business property is not necessarily about micromanagement; monitoring employee productivity may lead to insights about how to improve work processes or reveal issues that aren’t being reported.

Video surveillance can benefit companies in a multitude of ways beyond monitoring criminal activity. Fixed security can create a visual link among individuals, allowing the employer to objectively observe areas of improvement.

The fact is, the benefits of security can positively affect a business in an unlimited number of ways.

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