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Construction Job Site Security

Construction sites can be prone to vandalism, theft, and any number of other criminal activity. When the lights go out and the crews leave, anything can happen. And even when the construction team is on site, there are other concerns to worry about, like employee injuries. Are you doing everything you can to prevent crime and injury at your construction site?

For these reasons and more, you need excellent construction site security systems to give you greater peace of mind. You’ll avoid numerous problems before they start and save money while you’re at it. Keep reading to learn more about what Pro-Vigil’s reliable construction site security systems can do for you.

Features of Construction Security Systems

Our construction site security systems differ from traditional, fixed surveillance systems, which are best suited for long-term setup at factories or warehouses. Pro Vigil’s construction site security systems offer a far more flexible solution with greater customizability and enhanced features.

You’ll get more bang for your buck and rest assured that your equipment and property is safe when you’re away. Here are just a few of the appealing features of our construction security systems

Remote Video Monitoring

One of the main reasons to choose our construction site security over other surveillance methods is for the mobile feature. This allows you to check in on the property anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re laying in bed at night or traveling for business, you only need an internet connection to check on your construction site.

24/7 Surveillance

Most construction sites spend a great deal of money on around-the-clock security guards. And while this is an important security measure, it can be expensive and flawed. Get constant surveillance on your construction site without having to worry about human error.

Solar-Powered Backup

Power outages are nothing to worry about when you choose Pro-Vigil’s construction site security systems. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered battery backup, so even if something goes wrong with the electricity on site, you’ll still know the property is being monitored.

Recorded Data

If you ever need to go back and look over video footage, Pro-Vigil’s system makes it easy. Record two weeks worth of data with your construction site security system straight to the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about losing valuable video or be subject to cyber hacking.

7 Benefits of Construction Site Security Systems

Construction site security systems are a dependable, reliable option to keep your property safe at all times. Here are 7 of the many benefits you’ll get by choosing a Pro-Vigil system for your construction site.

1. Greater Peace of Mind

Above all else, construction site security systems give greater peace of mind so you aren’t constantly thinking about potential crime or vandalism threats. Put your energy to more important use and let Pro-Vigil do the work of keeping your property safe for you.

2. Reduce Theft and Vandalism

If a suspicious person is on your construction site, your security system will send real-time alerts and sound alarms to scare them off the property. The system will even do the job of alerting proper authorities, so you’ll greatly reduce theft and vandalism on site.

3. Prevent Future Crime

Aside from stopping criminals who are already on site, our system will also deter potential thieves before they commit a crime. A combination of signage, lights, and alarm systems will scare off even the boldest thief.

4. Avoid Liability Lawsuits

Construction sites are full of dangerous equipment and potential liability cases. Avoid worker’s compensation and liability lawsuits with construction site security, which will give a detailed proof of what actually happened on the property.

5. Durability You Can Depend On

Our systems are durable enough to hold up to any weather and will send a notice if they’ve been tampered with or relocated. The quality of our product paired with the solar-power backup feature ensures you’ll have reliable surveillance, no matter what.

6. Customized To Your Needs

Some construction sites cover several city blocks, while others are in a small, rural area. Each construction site requires a unique setup to deliver complete surveillance. Pro-Vigil’s construction security systems can be customized to meet the needs of your property.

7. Save Time and Money

Pro-Vigil’s construction site security will reduce costs and time in myriad ways. You’ll avoid the damage costs of theft and vandalism. You won’t have to pay as much for security guards or spend as much time reviewing footage. You’ll also save money in lawsuits and other potential liability issues.

Configuring Your Construction Security Systems

Before you get started setting up your construction site security systems, you want to make sure you’ve considered your specific needs. This will allow Pro-Vigil to provide the perfect solution for your property. Consider these questions to help determine the best setup for your construction site:

  • Are there security issues you’ve had in the past? Did they happen at similar times or in similar areas?
  • What is the biggest threat to the security of your construction site?
  • What is your current security setup? Are there holes in your system?
  • Are there past incidents you wish you had recorded on video?
  • Where would you like to be able to view your security footage? What devices will you be viewing from?
  • Are there particular employee safety concerns you have on site?
  • Who would you like to alert in case of a threat?

Get Your Construction Security Systems From Pro-Vigil Today

If you’re ready to take your construction security systems to a higher level, contact Pro-Vigil today. We offer a wide range of products to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to customize your security system and streamline our efforts with your current security measures.

You’ll love the greater peace of mind and additional savings you enjoy. We have customers all over the country who testify of the benefits of our construction site security systems. Allow Pro-Vigil to keep a close eye on your construction site today. Get a free quote or ask us any question you might have about how our products can safeguard your construction site.

Pro-Vigil Mobile Construction Solutions

Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance solutions make it possible for you to keep a watchful eye on your construction property at all times, and from any internet-enabled device. By incorporating the dependability of conventional fixed-surveillance solutions with mobility and adaptability, Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are the perfect fit for protecting and analyzing valuable construction assets.

The Technology of Peace of Mind

Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance solutions use remote video monitoring to keep an unblinking eye on your valuable property. Using advanced recognition software designed to recognize and report any suspicious activity that occurs within their field of vision, these advanced systems are designed to constantly identify and evaluate any potential threats that may pose a danger to a construction site. Additionally, Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are solar-powered with a battery backup, able to record and store up to 14 days worth of data directly into the cloud, come equipped with audible and visual deterrents, feature live monitoring (as well as 24/7 health monitoring), and are even protected against potential cyber threats.

Whether you’re worried about vandalism and theft, or if you just want to check up on your site to make sure that everything is running smoothly, Pro-Vigil’s mobile solutions are the perfect answer to you construction surveillance needs. Learn more about what you can do to increase your construction site security and how to integrate Pro-Vigil’s technology.

Hear From Someone Who Has Used Pro-Vigil For Their Construction Site

“It has helped to not just safe guard the buildings whilst under construction but also my storage and construction trailers, onsite materials and equipment. The technology has always surpassed expectations, the alarm system and strobes go off as soon as a foot or tire touches the property during off hours. The camera system has continuously allowed me to monitor what is going on onsite while I am not there, which is always comforting.”

– Zev Stern, VP of Eastern Properties

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