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Construction Job Site Security

Construction Surveillance

Between protecting against intruders, documenting progress, and ensuring that safety procedures are being followed, construction sites benefit from surveillance solutions even more than most locations. But while permanent sites such as apartment buildings, car dealerships, warehouses, and factories may be able to be properly protected via fixed surveillance systems, temporary locations such as construction sites require a more flexible solution.

Pro-Vigil Mobile Construction Solutions

Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance solutions make it possible for you to keep a watchful eye on your construction property at all times, and from any internet-enabled device. By incorporating the dependability of conventional fixed-surveillance solutions with mobility and adaptability, Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are the perfect fit for protecting and analyzing valuable construction assets.

The Technology of Peace of Mind

Pro-Vigil mobile surveillance solutions use remote video monitoring to keep an unblinking eye on your valuable property. Using advanced recognition software designed to recognize and report any suspicious activity that occurs within their field of vision, these advanced systems are designed to constantly identify and evaluate any potential threats that may pose a danger to a construction site. Additionally, Pro-Vigil mobile solutions are solar-powered with a battery backup, able to record and store up to 14 days worth of data directly into the cloud, come equipped with audible and visual deterrents, feature live monitoring (as well as 24/7 health monitoring), and are even protected against potential cyber threats.

Whether you’re worried about vandalism and theft, or if you just want to check up on your site to make sure that everything is running smoothly, Pro-Vigil’s mobile solutions are the perfect answer to you construction surveillance needs. Learn more about what you can do to increase your construction site security and how to integrate Pro-Vigil’s technology.

Hear From Someone Who Has Used Pro-Vigil For Their Construction Site

“It has helped to not just safe guard the buildings whilst under construction but also my storage and construction trailers, onsite materials and equipment. The technology has always surpassed expectations, the alarm system and strobes go off as soon as a foot or tire touches the property during off hours. The camera system has continuously allowed me to monitor what is going on onsite while I am not there, which is always comforting.”

– Zev Stern, VP of Eastern Properties

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