The “Big Three” Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring Services

Crime wreaks havoc on businesses, from financial loss, to forced periods of downtime (which are often even more costly than a crime incident), to potential hits to your reputation.
Temporary Surveillance vs Fixed

An estimated $50 billion is stolen from warehouses across the globe every year, construction sites can lose $400 million to equipment theft annually and the theft and resale of copper is reported to be a $1 billion business.

No matter the industry, it’s easy to see why remote video monitoring services are an invaluable security tool. Whether you’re trying to protect a construction site, a parking lot, an auto dealership or another high-value property, remote video monitoring doesn’t just enable the recording of a crime – it activates built-in deterrence features to stop crime and alert the authorities when necessary.

Sure, record-and-store video can be used to help business owners investigate a crime after the fact. But remote video monitoring services go several steps further to combine an intelligent surveillance monitoring system with a remote team of security experts to stop intrusions as they’re happening.

Alarms, sirens, strobe lights and announcements provide proven criminal deterrents. In Pro-Vigil’s case, on average we can detect suspicious activity within 18 seconds and deter it in 30 seconds, allowing us to deter 97% of intruders before a crime ever takes place.

Deterring crime is so important because it keeps money in your pocket, and valuable assets and equipment on your property. It saves you from having to go through the cost and effort of cleaning up vandalism, and paying for higher insurance premiums or even attorney fees.

And, deterrence puts safety first because it avoids on-site physical confrontations between the criminals and security guards or police officers.

The “Big Three” Benefits

Deterring crime should be reason enough to utilize a remote video monitoring service. But there are many additional business benefits. Here are the “Big Three” benefits of a remote video monitoring service that you won’t get with an old-school video system:

1. Fewer Distractions = Better Business Management

By outsourcing security to a remote team, you and your staff can stay focused on what matters most – managing your business. You already have enough on your plate; there’s no need to add security and compliance to it. Gone are the days of having to devote personnel and budget to making sure your site is secure and compliant with industry mandates (e.g., OSHA). For example, you can:

  • Check employee timeliness and attendance in real time.
  • Ensure employees are compliant with industry requirements.
  • Reduce business liability by eliminating the possibility of false claims (for example, having video evidence when someone claims they slipped and fell, or that their car was dinged in the parking lot). 
  • Evaluate traffic flow or see what assets are most effective with customers to improve sales strategies.
  • Monitor live employee-customer interactions to ensure superior customer service.
  • The business possibilities are endless.

2. Real-Time Site Awareness

Most remote video monitoring services have mobile capabilities that allow users to pull up live or recorded footage with just a few taps on their smartphone, so they can see site activity at any time of the day, from any location.

This, obviously, is a huge benefit from the security side of things. Being able to take a live look from anywhere, anytime also allows you to monitor conditions at your site to help plan and facilitate better decision-making.

For example, if bad weather strikes, a construction manager may want to check in to see if puddling or pooling has created unsafe conditions that need immediate attention. A site manager might want to check a project’s progress and make adjustments without having to drive to the site location. Or, the owner of an auto dealership might want to evaluate employee-customer interactions to make sure protocol is being followed.

3. Peace of Mind

With remote video monitoring services, you know exactly what you’re getting, for a predictable monthly fee. There are no upfront installation costs and you won’t have to foot the bill for pricey equipment repairs and upgrades.

They also eliminate the headaches and costs that can arise from security staffing issues – for example, paying employees to cover for guards when they call in sick or don’t show up, or paying guards overtime during times of expanded security requirements. Remote video monitoring services are working 24×7, they don’t get tired, and they never take a sick day.

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring service provides all of these benefits and more. To learn how we can help deter crime on your property, keep your company safe and make security a sound business strategy, contact us today.

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