Pro-Vigil security systems for businesses aren’t just protection, they’re prevention. Utilizing advanced surveillance technology, intelligent recognition software, and live virtual security guards that monitor your surveillance feed 24 hours a day, we guard your business against threats, criminal or otherwise. Potential threats can be detected, evaluated, and addressed quickly, providing you with a level of security that no standard wireless security system can offer.

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Don’t Just Catch Criminals—Deter them

We offer potent crime deterrent capabilities via alarms, strobe lights, and even personalized audible announcements, which have become synonymous with the Pro-Vigil brand. If an unauthorized person attempts to access a restricted area, vandalize your business, or steal your property, we utilize these assets as audio and visual deterrents to discourage criminals before they commit the crime. These deterrents are so effective, they halt criminal activity in 93% of intrusions. Should the criminals persist, our personnel watching the video monitors will notify law enforcement, providing clear, specific details to ensure a rapid response.

Pro-Vigil wireless security camera systems defend your business in a unique way, combining the intelligence and sophistication of learning algorithms, and the insight and judgment of human beings. Our system helps guard against criminal activity, saving you both cost and hassle, and it ensures that emergency services are never more than a phone call away.

More Than Just a Security Camera

While crime deterrence is certainly one of the most common uses for security systems for businesses, it is by no means the limit of what Pro-Vigil remote video monitoring can do. First, our live security professionals watch your feed 24/7 for any sign of misfortune. Problems that would normally go unnoticed outside of business hours, like natural disasters, fires, floods, and accidents can instead be observed and responded to in a matter of seconds, alerting your management team, and emergency services if necessary.

Our system even has non-emergency applications, due to the recognition software we use. Even as a live security professional monitors the video feeds, our software is analyzing the visual data, and learning from it. This enables us to offer video analytics, license plate recognition, and more. The information our software compiles using your video feeds can enable you to make data-backed business decisions regarding factors like peak business hours, customer demographics, and more, all without having to sift through hours of footage.

Key Features of Pro-Vigil’s Business Security Systems:

  • Client real-time access
  • 14-day recording capacity
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Off-site storage
  • Object tracking
  • Intelligent software detection (for identifying and defending against digital attacks against the system itself)

Auto Dealers

Auto dealerships are an attractive target for criminals. After all, the merchandise is generally kept outside, is valued at thousands of dollars, and can even double as a getaway vehicle. But even beyond the threats of theft and vandalism, auto dealerships have other issues that are best addressed via an automotive security camera system with high-quality video surveillance.

Auto Dealers

  • Protect your vehicles from theft, damage, and vandalism
  • Car Video Monitoring Technology available i.e. License Plate Recognition
  • Live video feeds enable you to check for weather-related problems
  • Remotely greet after-hours shoppers
  • Video monitoring makes recording safety incidents like slips and falls easy

Hear From Real Auto Dealership Owners that Trust Pro-Vigil Solutions:

“In the past with the camera system we had thefts we could not tie in we had damage to our lots, we’d have insurance issues, slip and fall… the fact that we can pull footage instantly and not have to wait for IT is fantastic.”

-Dennis Becker, Head of Security at Lou Fusz Automotive Network

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Cellular Towers

For cellular communication to be possible, mobile phones need to be able to access regularly-placed cellphone towers. These sites use electrical communication equipment to create a bubble (or cell) in which cellular telephones are able to communicate with the equipment that then connects the calls to the rest of the world.

Cellular Towers

  • Cellular towers are appealing targets to thieves and vandals but with cutting-edge technology, intrusions are quickly assessed
  • Pro-Vigil can help you be prepared to protect Towers from the risk of fire damage and equipment malfunction
  • Protect your cellular towers with remote cellular security cameras and remote security guards
  • Cyber attacks can also be stopped with intelligent software detection

Multi-Family Living Security Systems

Whenever you have more than one family living in close proximity to one another the potential for problems increases. For apartments and other multi-family complexes to function, they need the safety and security that comes from proper surveillance.

Multi-family Living

  • Condos, apartment buildings, and other multi-family spaces are at high risk for theft
  • Fire is another serious concern, as it can get out of control quickly Pro-Vigil can alert you quicker
  • Use the camera to help protect valuable equipment and control who has access to common areas
  • 24/7 surveillance with a live virtual security guard can protect your property

    Hear From Real Multi-Family Owners:

    “We evaluated several options prior to contracting with Pro-Vigil…We also like the ability to review video which can also aid in other job site incident investigations….The ability to log in anytime, from anywhere was also a large factor in our decision”

    -Thomas Crouch, Construction Division Manager at Metropolitan Homes, Inc.

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Power Plants

Protecting the power plants that generate our electricity is extremely important. And while some criminals may choose to target power plants, noncriminal-related threats faced by power plants on a regular basis. If left unchecked, these dangers can have a negative effect on the critical infrastructure of the surrounding areas.

Power Plants

  • Power plants are critical to public infrastructure, and they’re susceptible to dangerous accidents and disasters
  • Criminals sometimes target power plants to steal valuable metals and electrical components which is why plant security systems are important for you
  • Securing the location with fully monitored surveillance will help protect the plant and keep the lights on and Pro-Vigil power plant security is the best option
  • Let Pro-Vigil do the work and have the power plant owners and operators can have peace of mind
  • Pro-Vigil will guard against unauthorized access, monitoring equipment health, earliest warning in event of a fire, and ensure workers are following safety procedure
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Real Estate Security

Pro-Vigil surveillance systems make it possible to keep your various real estate properties safe at all hours of the day and night with our unique real estate property security solutions. By working with Pro-Vigil to design and install a custom system, or to adopt the system that you already have, you can take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that has made Pro-Vigil an industry leader. By using special recognition software that can automatically identify and respond to intruders, remote security guards can actively evaluate potential threats as they occur, and respond appropriately—by contacting monitors, activating remote deterrents, or alerting the local authorities.

Real Estate

  • Vacant properties face different risks from occupied ones, Pro-Vigil’s real estate security will stop those risks from happening
  • Thieves usually target valuable appliances and furnishings
  • Some will break in looking for a place to sleep which can cause safety risks that might put your investment at risk
  • Video cameras will help prevent and deter forced entry crimes, and Pro-Vigil’s remote security guard will alert local authorities if necessary
  • Pro-Vigil systems automatically record and keep data off-site, so that your video footage will never be in danger of being tampered with
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Recycling Center

Recycling centers face a number of problems when it comes to security. These centers may contain valuable material, both in the form of recyclable waste, as well as expensive equipment. Unfortunately, on-site guards and guard dogs are expensive, and often ineffective For actual protection, these sites require high-quality video solutions.

Recycling Centers

  • Like other locations, recycling centers face theft and vandalism. Criminals tend to strike at night when traditional security systems and guards are less effective
  • Additionally, they’re at risk for illegal dumping and dumping of non-recyclable waste which can cause serious damage
  • Make sure employees are following best practices and necessary safety guidelines with the help Pro-Vigil
  • Pro-Vigil surveillance offers an affordable, secure alternative to on-site guards and guard dogs
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Scrap Yards

Video surveillance gives scrap yards the watchful eye that they need in order to remain safe and secure. Cameras that provide an unobstructed view of the entire yard and its perimeter can identify and respond to threats before they can cause any damage. These same cameras can be used to ensure that employees are following best practices when using potentially-hazardous equipment. Advanced threat detection technology also provides superior fire-watch solutions, so that fire-control teams can be alerted before the fire gets out of hand.

Scrap Yards

  • The heavy equipment used in scrap yards pose a hazard to employees
  • Valuable scrap and raw materials are prime targets for thieves and Pro-Vigil will identify, evaluate, and address thieves
  • Pro-Vigils Security Cameras provide an unobstructed view of the entire yard and can respond to threats before they can cause any damage
  • A wireless video security system for businesses can protect both the yard and the people who work there
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Self Storage

Self storage generally consists of a large number of individual units, all contained on a single lot. These lots are usually open-air, surrounded by a fence or a wall, and guarded by a gate. However, in order for self-storage users to feel secure, facilities need to be able to offer more than just a guard gate and a padlock. Otherwise, criminals who bypass the gate, either illegally or by renting a storage unit themselves, need little more than a pair of bolt cutters to gain access to whatever is being stored on-site. At the same time, gates and padlocks do little to defend against hazards on the lot itself. Volatile materials, when kept in unsafe storage conditions, may lead to fires, which have the potential to destroy multiple units. Video surveillance provides an easy, inexpensive solution to these issues.

Self Storage

  • Storage units are high-risk targets for ambitious thieves, who can often make off with thousands invaluable property
  • Even more dangerous are potentially hazardous materials that are sometimes stored in units like flammable fuel
  • Gates and padlocks often do little to defend against such dangers and Pro-Vigil cameras also have license-plate recognition to defend
  • A quality surveillance system can deter thieves and call emergency services
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Subdivision Gate Guards

While many property owners choose to hire private security professionals to protect their gates. there are a number of drawbacks to doing so. Aside from the added cost of hiring, training, and equipping security guards, there are also issues such as attentiveness to consider. After all, a security guard employed to watch the same property night after uneventful night will likely become complacent, and thus be unable to respond properly in the event of an actual incursion. And in the event that an intruder becomes violent, the guard’s safety should also be considered. This is where Pro-Vigil’s automated, mobile surveillance units come into play.

Subdivision Gate Guards

  • Gates, while important, are only effective if they’re being watched
  • Whether they’re defending construction sites, business parks, gated communities, or anything else, they can be scaled, cut, or otherwise circumvented
  • Proper surveillance can ensure the gate does its job—keep people out—for a fraction of the cost of on-site guards
  • Pro-Vigil uses the power of the sun to remain powered and online without being connected to a local power grid so you will be safe no matter what
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Electrical power plants may be where the bulk of our nation’s electricity is produced, but before it can reach our electrical outlets, it generally needs to pass through one or more electrical substations. Electrical substations take the high-voltage electricity generated by power plants, and they transform it to lower voltage that can be used for everyday tasks. The electricity is then distributed among the population. These substations are essential to the power-distribution process, and when they are left unprotected, can easily fall prey to thieves, vandals, equipment malfunction, and other dangers. That is why it is essential to have quality substation security.


  • Just as power plants are a critical asset to a city’s infrastructure, no power can reach homes and businesses without first passing a substation
  • Fire, natural disasters, falling trees, and more are prominent risks
  • Electrical workers that service the station are at risk as they move around high-voltage lines
  • With a Pro-Vigil security system, emergency services can be summoned quickly in the event of a disaster or accident
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“I highly recommend Pro-Vigil for any surveillance monitoring type system, especially out on a construction site. They offer great services, very responsive, and they give you a sense of peace and comfort that your job-site is taken care of.”

-Catherine Blackler, Project Manager at Bartlett Cocke