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Pro-Vigil security systems for businesses aren’t just protection, they’re prevention. Utilizing advanced surveillance technology, intelligent recognition software, and live virtual security guards that monitor your surveillance feed 24 hours a day, we guard your business against threats, criminal or otherwise. Potential threats can be detected, evaluated, and addressed quickly, providing you with a level of security that no standard wireless security system can offer.

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Don’t Just Catch Criminals—Deter them

We offer potent crime deterrent capabilities via alarms, strobe lights, and even personalized audible announcements, which have become synonymous with the Pro-Vigil brand. If an unauthorized person attempts to access a restricted area, vandalize your business, or steal your property, we utilize these assets as audio and visual deterrents to discourage criminals before they commit the crime. These deterrents are so effective, they halt criminal activity in 93% of intrusions. Should the criminals persist, our personnel watching the video monitors will notify law enforcement, providing clear, specific details to ensure a rapid response.

Pro-Vigil wireless security camera systems defend your business in a unique way, combining the intelligence and sophistication of learning algorithms, and the insight and judgment of human beings. Our system helps guard against criminal activity, saving you both cost and hassle, and it ensures that emergency services are never more than a phone call away.

More Than Just a Security Camera

While crime deterrence is certainly one of the most common uses for security systems for businesses, it is by no means the limit of what Pro-Vigil remote video monitoring can do. First, our live security professionals watch your feed 24/7 for any sign of misfortune. Problems that would normally go unnoticed outside of business hours, like natural disasters, fires, floods, and accidents can instead be observed and responded to in a matter of seconds, alerting your management team, and emergency services if necessary.

Our system even has non-emergency applications, due to the recognition software we use. Even as a live security professional monitors the video feeds, our software is analyzing the visual data, and learning from it. This enables us to offer video analytics, license plate recognition, and more. The information our software compiles using your video feeds can enable you to make data-backed business decisions regarding factors like peak business hours, customer demographics, and more, all without having to sift through hours of footage.

Key Features of Pro-Vigil’s Business Security Systems:

  • Client real-time access
  • 14-day recording capacity
  • 24/7 health monitoring
  • Off-site storage
  • Object tracking
  • Intelligent software detection (for identifying and defending against digital attacks against the system itself)

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“I highly recommend Pro-Vigil for any surveillance monitoring type system, especially out on a construction site. They offer great services, very responsive, and they give you a sense of peace and comfort that your job-site is taken care of.”

-Catherine Blackler, Project Manager at Bartlett Cocke