3 Reasons Why Video Surveillance Is Crucial To Your Car Dealership Security Plan

Your car dealership can be at high risk for criminal activity - how are you protecting it in a safer, modernized way? Here's how to outsmart the criminals.
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Automobile dealerships are the perfect target for criminals. The inventory is of high-value and, because it’s outside, it’s also easy to get to. Criminals can steal a vehicle off your lot, or even swipe its portable parts to make a profit. You probably already know this, but good security is crucial to keeping your vehicle inventory safe. An effective way of doing this is by incorporating video surveillance into your car dealership security plan.

With inventory worth thousands of dollars, you are faced with the challenge of making your vehicles accessible to your prospective customers yet protected from criminals. Gates and security guards may help with this, but they are much more limited than video surveillance cameras. If you are on the fence about incorporating cameras into your car dealership security plan, here are three reasons why you should move forward with it:

1. Theft Deterrence And Prevention

With remote surveillance capabilities, you can keep up with your car dealership security from anywhere at any time. Whether you are in your office, at home, or out of town, you can check in on the vehicles on your lot. And if something happens, you can go back and watch the recorded video from the time of the incident. If a crime is caught on tape, you have the evidence to hand over to the authorities. The fact that you have video cameras throughout the parking lot could even serve as a deterrent to theft. And if the video cameras don’t startle them, there are surveillance system options such as alarms, strobe lights, and other deterrents to scare away thieves before they get too far.

2. Real Time Protection

While theft commonly occurs at night, some bold criminals will target your dealership in broad daylight. They blend into the crowds and take advantage of all the activity as they swipe your valuable goods. Or, they scan the premises during the day to gain knowledge on your car dealership security – then return later that night. If you are monitoring your video surveillance throughout the day, or utilize a service such as a virtual security guard and you see suspicious activity, you are able to proactively act upon it.

3. Observe Potential Customers

The primary function of your car dealership security plan is to prevent crime, no doubt. But your video surveillance can also be used for sales. By observing the video footage of your potential customers, you can collect data on what types of vehicles and displays your prospects respond to and like, and what they show little interest in. You can see where the majority of your customers spend their time while on your lot. And you can incorporate this data into your business strategy.

What To Look For In Video Surveillance For Car Dealership Security

When you are ready to make a choice, Pro-Vigil offers the most intelligent live surveillance out there. In fact, we view over a million events every day. We are reliable, professional, and have a track record of preventing crimes before they happen in 97% of all instances. Pro-Vigil is the undisputed leader in catching crime. To learn more about Pro-Vigil, visit us online or request a quote on our pricing for video surveillance as part of your car dealership security plan.

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