6 Reasons Why Thieves Target Trucks

Thieves love opportunity, and big trucks provide many of them. Here’s 6 reasons why thieves target trucks and truck lots.
thieves target trucks

6 Reasons Why Thieves Target Trucks

Thieves are always looking for new opportunities to make a buck. And one of these ways, which is becoming increasingly popular, is by targeting large trucks and the places that house them. Big rig lots, RV lots, or warehouse facilities, for example. What’s the appeal of these large vehicles? Let’s take a look at the six main reasons why thieves target trucks.

#1 – The Cargo or Equipment Inside

The primary reason that thieves target lots with big vehicles is that they want what is inside. Whether that is high-tech equipment in a fancy RV or a full load of valuable items awaiting transport in an 18-wheeler. Thieves know that if they can get the goods inside, they will have the opportunity to make quite a profit from them.  In fact, one report shows that cargo thefts were up 25% in 2019.

#2 – Ability to Scope Out the Property Undetected

A second reason why thieves target lots with large trucks is that it is relatively easy to move throughout the lot undetected. They often work together, especially if the prize is large, to craft their plan. Because of the sheer size of the vehicles, it’s easy for thieves to walk the lot, hideout, and learn any patterns of the business that might help them when its time to steal.

#3 – Open Access of the Parking Lot

Like car dealerships, most large truck lots offer open access for thieves to their targeted prize. They are too large to be stored inside a building. And while some may have safety gates, it’s not difficult for a thief to get past the gate and onto the lot – especially once employees have gone home for the night.

#4 – Large Trucks are Easy to Break Into

Large trucks are easy for thieves to break into. If they want the cargo inside, they simply have to “jimmy” the lock. And if they want to steal the entire truck, they can easily change out the ignition. Believe it or not, many thieves who target these trucks carry their own ignition switches and can swap them out of the vehicle in under 30 seconds.

#5 – Easy to Slip Away

Let’s face, big trucks and RVs are easy to hide in and around. If a thief enters your lot and is detected, there is a chance you’ll catch him – but there’s also a good chance you won’t. There are so many hiding places where they can go to wait until it’s clear to exit. And they know this.

#6 – Overall Lack of Security

Another reason why thieves target trucks is that most lots lack proper security. If there is a security guard on duty, it is virtually impossible for him to see everything that is going on. Even two guards would have difficulty observing everything that goes on.  Some lots may have cameras, but without a watchful eye or constant monitoring, thieves still have a chance to slip in and out undetected.

How to Stop Thieves from Targeting Your Large Truck Lot

Trucks are a popular target because of the ease and opportunity they provide thieves. This isn’t going away anytime soon. However, if you are the owner or manager of a business that houses RVs or large trucks, there are measures you can take to mitigate your risk of theft.

Pro-Vigil can help you with a security plan to deter and even prevent crime at your trucking lot. With features such as virtual guards and video analytics, your business is protected 24 hours a day. To learn more about Pro-Vigil, the undisputed champions in the security and surveillance space, contact us for a free quote.

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