Top 5 Things Stolen by Burglars

Learn about the top 5 items stolen by burglars and how to protect your business assets from the threat of burglary of items from cash to data.

What are the top 5 things stolen by burglars? Anything from sensitive business information to plain old cash.

Businesses hold the burden of 23% of all burglaries, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

With those kind of stats, your business cannot afford to ignore the need for security systems that will keep you protected around the clock. Plus, most business burglaries occur past business hours – when you’re most vulnerable to attack.

The following are the top 5 items stolen most by burglars.


What do burglars steal from your business first? Cash is a major target for businesses that deal in cash – think: retail, gas stations, restaurants, and food trucks. While larger businesses will count and secure cash elsewhere, others may not have great prevention practices in place.

Electronics and Other Sensitive Data

Modern technology has made electronics lucrative to steal and what’s even worse is that most of these electronics hold lots of sensitive data. Even one computer could hold the key to your entire business! Because almost every single business in the U.S. owns electronics to help them run their establishment, peace of mind is important. Consider mobile surveillance to keep track of what’s happening on your premises.


What do burglars steal when it comes to black market trade? Medications from pharmacies. This can be particularly dangerous, since most burglars looking for these drugs are in a desperate situation. Desperation in criminals makes them more likely to push through deterrents and pose a real threat to the safety of everyone involved. Fortunately, we offer a remote security team to watch activity around the clock, without the possibility of physical harm.


Power plants, constructions sites, and cell phone towers can easily fall prey to burglary, particularly with the valuable and expensive tools left onsite. Depending on how your site is set up, it can be a very simple “job” for thieves to take tools. If you aren’t keeping inventory or have the proper security camera placement, you’re vulnerable.


If you’re a business with a fleet, or leaving any cars onsite after business hours, you’re open to auto theft – whether that be items in the car or grand theft auto. While some businesses opt for onsite security guards and basic surveillance setups to monitor this activity, you can take it up and notch and protect yourself further with smartphone capable devices. All activity can be viewed 24/7 by authorized users.

Pro-Vigil offers the most intelligent live surveillance on the market today. With support available 24/7 and features like virtual security guards, Pro-Vigil can help you protect your business from burglary and major revenue losses. Pro-Vigil offers both fixed and mobile security solutions. To learn more about Pro-Vigil’s state-of-the-art surveillance systems or to get a free quote, contact us online. 

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