The Rise of Property Crime and What You Can Do About It

Fact: You’ve worked too hard to let criminals steal your hard-earned assets, or get access to your valued property. But that doesn’t mean thieves and vandals aren’t bound and determined to keep on trying.

For businesses of all types and sizes, crime is a big deal, leading to billions of dollars in losses every year. In difficult and uncertain times, crime and theft can also pose a major threat to a company’s reputation, or even the demise of a business altogether.

All you have to do is take a look at some of the hardest-hit industries to see that criminals don’t have any preference for the types of businesses they target, and that they’ll stop at nothing to make you pay. Consider how the following industries have been impacted by rising crime rates.

Construction Site Crime

In a modern-day take on highway robbery, 21% of construction sites experience theft once per week. A staggering 92% are hit by theft at least once a year, adding up to an average loss per theft of $29,000. As crazy as it sounds, the construction industry alone suffers over $1 billion in losses due to crime every year.

These losses apply to commercial and residential construction sites — places that criminals often invade at night after business hours to steal everything from valuable appliances and copper wiring to expensive tools and hard-to-replace equipment.

Heavy Equipment Theft

Like the construction industry, equipment businesses like commercial truck and auto dealerships suffer billions of losses every year from theft. Criminals know where the soft targets are, striking businesses after hours, and causing all kinds of damage in their wake.

In just one of too many examples, one Louisiana auto dealership was robbed of over $120K in rims and tires in one overnight heist. When it’s all said and done, over $6 billion is lost in the auto dealership industry every year, with an average loss per theft of nearly $8,500.

And if you think it’s rough for the auto dealership industry, how about how hard commercial trucking takes it on the chin? We’re talking $30 billion in stolen cargo per year and a 40% increase in theft year over year. Not the kind of trend any business likes to see.

A majority of commercial trucking fleets experience an average of two vehicles stolen per year and in just one incident in 2019, Kenworth reported $54K in losses from 84 stolen semi-truck tires and other goods.

It’s no wonder that heavy equipment businesses like auto, trucking and RV dealers are getting serious about stepping up security with airtight surveillance that runs around the clock.

Cannabis Business Burglary

Non-traditional, highly lucrative businesses in the Cannabis industry are also being forced to step up their security game. Clever scammers know that these businesses don’t just include brick and mortar shops, but also large warehouses and facilities that are more susceptible to internal theft, especially after hours.

Consider that 50% of dispensaries are robbed or burglarized and 90% of the incidents are inside jobs. Canna-businesses report an average loss per theft of $20,000. In one reported theft, $75K of goods were stolen in just 15 minutes from one location.

It’s an ongoing slug fest with criminals that take advantage of large warehouses and other infrastructure that needs to be protected by a combination of fixed and mobile, 24-hour remote video surveillance.

Long-Term Parking Facility Break-Ins

For long-term parking facilities that have similar requirements, theft and vandalism not only rack up countless millions in losses every year, but can also cost an unrecoverable loss to the business’s reputation, and may ultimately shut a lot down.

For these sprawling, outdoor lots, it’s key to have the right combination of remote monitoring, surveillance and deterrence locked down. The bottom line is that cars parked in lots are 40% more likely to be stolen than cars parked on the street.

Around the country, a staggering 1,400 crimes take place at parking facilities every day, and when it comes to auto theft, 35% of stolen cars are never even recovered.

No Industry is Untouched by Rising Property Crime

The list of industries that suffer billions in losses from theft goes on and on. From renewable energy, agriculture, and oil and gas, to self-storage, property management and utilities services.

For oil and gas, the major challenge is the theft of expensive equipment and machinery, which makes it even harder to meet regulations and compliance standards at drilling sites. For the warehousing industry, it’s all about weak spots in warehouse security and monitoring.

Every industry has its unique needs, and every business has its own vulnerable areas that criminals target. With property crime rates rising across the board, it’s not if you’ll have a security issue, but when. Fortunately, you have a choice when it comes to security measures, and no one can steal that from you.

Eliminate Break-Ins at Your Business

While each business is unique, every business needs to keep its property and assets safe. And with today’s modern surveillance, monitoring and deterrence tools at your disposal, there’s no reason not to get a lockdown plan in place. You’ll eliminate the risk of crime and theft to your business, and finally get that peace of mind you deserve.

Pro-Vigil fights hard to protect businesses from crime, with remote video monitoring and surveillance solutions that provide next-level level security for the modern age.

Talk to us today to learn more and get a free quote.

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