50% of Dispensaries are robbed or burglarized
And 90% Of Incidents Are Inside Jobs

50% of Dispensaries are robbed or burglarized

and 90% of Incidents are Inside Jobs
See how simple it can be to secure your cannabis dispensary inside and out
Secure The Outside Of Your Cannabis Dispensary
  • Remote Video Monitoring

    Our team of monitoring specialists use live surveillance to protect your crop and facility.

  • Audio and Visual Deterrents

    We don't just document incidents - our system scares away trespassers before crime happens, with audio and visual deterrents​.

  • 911 Dispatch

    When necessary we provide swift 911 dispatch without triggering false alarms.

  • Save Money

    We significantly reduce the risk of theft while working in sync with any onsite security guards.

Secure The Inside of Your Cannabis Dispensary

Instantly Access Visuals on Both Customers and Employees

With one login you can check on your live cameras in HD, arm or disarm your security at each location, and check on equipment health from anywhere at anytime. Use tools designed to help with employee management, 24/7 deterrence, and detection of unwanted activity at your properties.

HD Fit

for any high definition (HD) equipped camera.

Equipment Health

checks on any camera via monitoring and data aggregation.

Arm / Disarm

the security of each location instantly.


(PTZ) functionality to reconfigure or resume presets of directional, speed, and zooming features on your security cameras.

Live Viewing

of any property with RTMP streaming.


Planned Site Activity changes completed in minutes including user notes tracked by date and time.

Monitoring Hours

as predetermined by each customer for their sites.

Stat Dashboard

tracking monthly data from current events, historical data, and video clips. Event log of 50 most recent actions and consistent tracking metrics.

See how simple it can be to secure your business through remote video monitoring. Contact us today.

Criminals Know Where The Soft Targets Are – And It’s Not Residences, It’s Businesses.


Average Loss Per Theft

$75,000 Stolen

In One Incident – In 15 Min.

$250 Stolen 

In One Night

90% Of Losses

Occur From Internal Theft

Pro-Vigil is like having a team of virtual security guards on site to protect your facility and your crops

We Respond In
18 Seconds

We Scare Off 97%
Of Trespassers

We Arrest 144
Criminals Annually

We Stop 271,600
Crimes Annually

How Our System Works
Pro-Vigil Gives Peace Of Mind To Businesses
Other Companies We Protect

See how simple it can be to secure your facility and crops.

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