Targeting RVs: Catalytic Converter Theft on Another Level

Typically carried out under the cover of darkness, catalytic converter theft is a sneaky and costly crime. And RVs are much larger then cars, so they can haul more valuable parts.
rv catalytic converter theft

As we detailed in our previous blog, Catalytic Converter Theft: A Quick and Destructive Crime, catalytic converters stolen from car dealerships can cost business owners $1,000 or more to replace each missing part. But cars aren’t the only targets: RVs are too.

Larger Target, Larger Haul

Thieves are after the precious metals inside of catalytic converters, and they can fetch hundreds of dollars just by selling the parts for scrap. So, it makes sense that larger vehicles, such as RVs and campers, would be a favorite target of criminals – larger vehicles means larger catalytic converters which equals more money. 

catalytic converter theft

Just how costly can a catalytic converter theft be for an RV dealership or reseller? Here are two real world examples of major losses:

Lorain, Ohio – According to a local report, thousands of dollars’ worth of catalytic converters were stolen from an RV dealer in January. Police say several people hopped a fence and took off an hour later. During that time span, 18 catalytic converters were stolen, with each converter valued at nearly $2,000 – totaling a $36,000 loss for the business.

Lincoln Nebraska – A report from last May details the story of an RV dealership hit by thieves not once, but twice, in a month. Employees say they were getting RVs ready for a test drive one morning when they realized catalytic converters were missing from nearly a dozen of them. Each part estimated at $1,600 to replace. Following the incident, local police reported that they had already experienced nearly double the amount of catalytic converter thefts from the year prior (91 thefts as of May 2020 compared to 52 thefts at the same time in 2019).

The bottom line is that while cars may seem like an obvious target for thieves – RVs are just as vulnerable. And if catalytic converter thieves aren’t spotted and stopped early, business owners may be left paying thousands of dollars to replace parts and repair damage.

RVs Meet Remote Video Surveillance

Catalytic converter thieves often rely on the vehicle they are stealing from to block the view of anyone who may be watching. In the case of an RV lot, that can add up to quite a bit of coverage. Luckily, there’s a solution that can stop thieves before they slip under a vehicle and get to work.

Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring services are designed to spot suspicious behavior – before it’s too late. By combining surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence, our system can determine when someone is on site that shouldn’t be, and activate deterrence features ranging from flashing lights, to loudspeaker announcements demanding the intruder vacate the premises.

Not only do these features send would-be criminals running, but they also provide peace of mind for business owners and employees who are likely at home when these incidents take place.

Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about how Pro-Vigil can help deter crime at your business.

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