How Smartphone Compatible Security Cameras Changed Commercial Security

Through the evolution of security, the smartphone really changed the game when it comes to reliability and data. Here's how we can help.
Remote Project management and phone apps

Gone are the days when you were required to sit in front of a video screen in a specific location to monitor your business. With smartphone compatible security systems, you can be anywhere in the world and still keep an eye on your company. Today’s remote video surveillance abilities are a game-changer for business owners and here’s why:

Mobility Equals Convenience

With remote surveillance capabilities, you can check on your business from anywhere – it does not get more convenient than that! If you want to work from home one day or you are out of town, you can still check on your business from your smartphone. You can have peace of mind knowing that at any given moment, you have the ability to observe your business, your employees, and anything that might concern you.

Combat Internal Theft Risks

For many businesses, the risk of employee theft is as much of a concern as external theft. A CNBC report says that workplace crime costs businesses $50 billion a year. While you want to trust the people you hire to work for you, the reality is that not everyone can resist temptation. If your video surveillance system is weak or your access to it is limited, and your employees know this, then your business is vulnerable to internal crime. However, if your team knows that you have a robust security system in place – and you can access its cameras at any given moment, they may be less inclined to steal from you.

Improve Employee Productivity

Remote surveillance can also help to motivate your employees. If you must travel for business, or better yet, take a vacation, you want to feel confident that your employees are still performing in your absence. When you place cameras throughout your facility and indicate to your team that you monitor them, they are more motivated to stay on task because they know you could be watching.

Quick Reporting On Incidents

In the event that there is a break-in or other type of incident at your business, you have immediate access to the footage. You don’t have to drive into the office and download it or retrieve the video. With remote surveillance capabilities, you have the information at the palm of your hands, and you can get it to the authorities quickly. Criminals work fast – they know that the more time that lapses between the crime and reporting, the better chance they have to get away with it. Your immediate access to the footage improves the odds in your favor of catching them.

Mobility Allows You To Be In Complete Control

One of the best perks of remote surveillance from your smartphone is that you have control of your security system. You can customize it to fit your needs, determine where the cameras are placed, and who is responsible for monitoring them. You have the option to watch all of the feeds yourself, hire a guard to patrol your property and monitor your surveillance system onsite or utilize the benefits of a virtual security guard or video surveillance monitoring.  How you choose to do it is up to you – you are in control.

How to Find the Right Smartphone Compatible Security Cameras System

Are you convinced yet that remote surveillance from your smartphone device is a game-changer? If so, it might be time to look into a video surveillance system provider. Pro-Vigil is the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company around.  With features like remote surveillance monitoring and virtual security guards, we prevent crime in 97% of all instances and view over a million events each day. For more information about Pro-Vigil or to request a quote, click here.

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