The History Of The Security Industry

The history of security has certainly changed over the years, but the need for protection has not. Learn more about where we have been and where we will go.
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History of the Security Industry: How Far We Have Come

In today’s world of surveillance, we have the capability to view everything that’s going on at our business at any moment – from anywhere. Even if you are on a business trip or much-needed vacation hundreds of miles away, you can still tune in to what’s happening in your store – from the convenience of your smartphone. But it hasn’t always been this way. Today we’re going back in time to follow the history of security and see just how far we’ve really come.

Security’s Earliest Beginnings

Since the age of kings, emperors, and pharaohs, there has been security in place protecting them. But did you know that outside of the government guards, ancient leaders would hire private security guards to protect their families and property? This practice occurred around the known world in places like China, ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Byzantine Empire.

As the world expanded, so did security. European royalty hired personal security to protect their estates and families. And in the 1700s as more people moved into cities, crime and violence began to rise causing a need for security to become even stronger. And eventually, a fresh history of security began in the newly established United States of America.

The History of Security in America

The Industrial Revolution sparked a new increase in crime, and early entrepreneurs like Alan Pinkerton began to form private security guard agencies to help protect the businesses impacted by the new influx of thieves and criminals.

Alan Pinkerton immigrated to the U.S. in 1843, and in 1850 he founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. It was based in Chicago, IL and ultimately became one of the industry’s largest security agencies. Back then, security was primarily for railroad companies, banks, and other types of businesses that were prime targets for outlaws.

In the early 1900s, automaker Henry Ford began hiring private security guards to protect his factories. Other businesses caught on and they began to use private security too. During the strikes in the coal mines, security guards were hired by mine owners to protect them from the angry workers. Even the government hired private security during World War II for some of the vital industries.

The history of security took another turn when the Cold War rolled around. Now there was a need for protection not just from thieves and vandals, but also from sabotage and espionage.

How Security Has Changed in the Modern Age

Over the years, the need for security has not changed. Businesses face threats from thieves, vandals, and sometimes even their own employees. Fortunately, as criminals become savvier, so do the security measures used to combat them.

Today, live security guards (who can only be in one place at a time – and are often not in the right place) been replaced by high-tech IP cameras and virtual security guards who have an eye on all areas of the property at the same time.

Businesses can have motion detectors and other sensors that can alert you of a threat. And loud audio alarms and visual deterrents can be triggered in a moment’s notice to scare a would-be thief away.

Yes, the history of security has certainly changed over the years. Is your company up to speed?

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