Pro-Vigil’s Security Operations Center is UL-Certified – What It Means For You

Pro-Vigil is proud to announce that our Security Operations Center (SOC) is UL-Certified—learn more why this certification is so important.

At Pro-Vigil, detecting and deterring theft and vandalism on customer sites is our mission. To  make sure our virtual guards are at the top of their game, it’s critical that our teams are equipped with the right equipment and processes to ensure speed, efficiency and safety. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Pro-Vigil’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is UL-Certified.

What does this mean for Pro-Vigil customers? This certification ensures that Pro-Vigil’s SOC, the “heartbeat” of our 24/7 monitoring operations, meets important safety, security, and redundancy standards. Customers trust Pro-Vigil to have eyes on their sites at all times and this certification ensures that video monitoring won’t be disrupted by issues like power outages and other events.

From left to right, Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White, Chief Executive Officer Lee Orr, and Chief Financial Officer Myles Osswald open the Pro-Vigil SOC earlier this year.

Pro-Vigil’s SOC opened earlier this year to bolster our monitoring services and invest in our remote video monitoring team. The 13,541 square ft. space includes monitoring spaces where our virtual guards review suspicious activity identified by our artificial intelligence-powered surveillance solutions. If necessary, our team can launch audio and visual deterrents to thwart suspicious activity remotely and, when necessary, contact the proper authorities. Together, our SOC and UL-certification are a commitment to helping give customers peace of mind while meeting the highest industry standards.

For more information on Pro-Vigil’s UL-certification and the SOC, read our press release.

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