Oil Field Security Concerns Are Creating a $1 Billion Loss Per Year

Business security at oil rigs is a growing concern, according to statistics. Here's how Pro-Vigil can step in and help, and a body of evidence.
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Oilfield theft has become a huge threat to the industry, with an estimated loss of $1 billion per year in the U.S.

A Texas report reveals that businesses in the Permian Basin region are reporting thefts of $200,000-$300,000 per month in tools, pipes, and valves. That doesn’t include the loss of stolen oil products, which the Energy Security Council (ESC) estimates at one to three percent annually.

The need for oil field security has never been stronger, but these losses can be avoided. The right security systems could change the landscape of the oil industry and its risks. Below are the details on why and how.

Oil Field Security Challenges

While much of the equipment used at oil fields is large and difficult to move, smaller tools and gear are easy to steal and tend to have value.

Since locations are so obscure, they are often left out in the open where anyone can access them. In addition, there aren’t any records of the equipment, so even if something goes missing, it would be difficult to pinpoint recovering those items.

In some cases, dishonest employees take advantage of areas that aren’t monitored to steal equipment and tools. Sometimes, more sophisticated crime rings are in play and will smuggle the stolen goods to other countries to avoid being caught.

However, many of these locations lack basic services such as electricity, so setting up oil field surveillance is challenging. The good news is, mobile surveillance can play a big role in solidifying a security system.

Mobile Surveillance Benefits

Mobile oil field surveillance allows companies to check on their property anytime, anywhere. Even if company owners and decision-makers are based in a different location, they can check on their land, equipment, and employees working at the oil field sites.

In addition, you can easily perform routine checks to ensure safety measures are being carried out; regardless of if you are on the property.

Mobile security is a great option for oil fields, and in some cases may be the only real option for land in remote locations because it can be installed even if there is no electricity. And with features like IP health monitoring, which monitors the status of your surveillance equipment, businesses can be confident that their surveillance, no matter how remote, is in good shape.

Pro-Vigil Offers The Most Reliable Oil Rig Security

Pro-Vigil security offers features like a virtual security guard, for the benefit of human surveillance, in even the most remote locations.

Pro-Vigil also offers video surveillance monitoring for peace-of-mind knowing that if an event does happen, hardware sensors will be triggered immediately, and the situation is analyzed, keeping you in the loop the entire time.

In the event that it is a serious threat, Pro-Vigil notifies authorities and initiates deterrents to ward off threats off until the authorities can arrive. Pro-Vigil is the most reliable live monitoring and surveillance company preventing 97% of all instances with over 1,000,000 events per day.

To learn more about oilfield surveillance, contact Pro-Vigil for a free quote and consultation

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