Manufacturer Uses AI-Enhanced Digital Video – Restoring Employee Trust

This global manufacturer uses AI-enhanced digital video to restore employee trust in the safety of its work environments. They were able to adapt their health and safety plans to reduce opportunities for virus spread.
Social Distancing AI Suite


Manufacturing plants face a heightened risk of COVID-19 spread, due to the need for employees to work in close proximity in an enclosed environment. Knowing this, the management team at the world’s leading manufacturer of materials science technologies put compliance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 prevention guidelines at the top of its priority list. This is where Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite comes in.

Site managers across the company’s six global manufacturing plants, as well as its U.S.-based corporate lab, tried to enforce CDC compliance using all of the obvious manual techniques – posting signs encouraging face mask usage, putting tape on the ground to mark off six-foot distances, and sending continuous email campaigns to employees. But, with thousands of workers at each facility, the “proximity problem” was overpowering these manual compliance- management efforts.

The management team knew it needed a better solution to ensure strict adherence to CDC COVID-19 prevention guidelines, and to reduce the risk of infection and site shutdowns.

SOLUTION: Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite

The large-scale manufacturer was already working with G4S, the world’s leading integrated security solutions company, to secure its work environments from crime, so the corporate management team turned to its trusted partner for advice on keeping its facilities safe from health threats.

Workplace Video Surveillance

And G4S delivered with an innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution to the manufacturer’s COVID-19 compliance challenges: Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite.

Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite enables manufacturers to use AI-enhanced digital video to measure compliance with CDC COVID-19 control and prevention guidelines around social distancing, occupancy limits and face-mask usage:

#1 Social Distance Monitoring

Pro-Vigil’s cameras can be programmed to measure the space around employees to detect when the six-foot rule is violated. This can provide plant managers with information on potential “trouble spots,” so they can reevaluate the best way to direct the flow of foot traffic, to avoid “clustering” on the work floor.

Social Distancing AI Suite

#2 Occupancy Management

Pro-Vigil’s advanced video technology can automatically count plant occupants, which can help maintain occupancy control.

Social Distancing AI Suite

#3 Face Mask Detection

Pro-Vigil’s integrated object recognition can detect the use of face masks. This can help management understand if face mask requirements are being followed, and if any remedial action is required.

Social Distancing AI Suite

Pro-Vigil’s smart video system delivers CDC compliance information through a daily scorecard, which shows how a company is performing in regard to social distancing, occupancy and face mask guidelines.


With Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite in place, the manufacturer’s plant managers can review daily scorecards to identify areas where CDC guidelines are not being effectively implemented and drill down into detected problem areas to learn more about them – where they’re happening, at what time of day and who is involved, for example.

Social Distancing AI Suite

Using this intelligence, they can adapt their health and safety plans to reduce opportunities for virus spread (redirecting traffic flows, expanding the use of safety signage, altering schedules, etc.).

As an added bonus, plant managers can publish their daily scorecard results (99% mask-wearing compliance, for example) at each facility to reinforce the company’s commitment to health and safety, and to restore employee trust in the safety of their work environment.

To learn more about the Pro-Vigil Social Distancing AI Suite, go to Pro-Vigil or contact us today.

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